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    Mornin all,

    This is my first time on this forum, but I thought the imput may be worth while. I am a master powerlifter soon to hit the 60 mark, 5'9" at 230 lbs. I am a 5 time world champion with numerous state, national, and world records. No special genetics just a lot of hard work. At any rate due to age i decided to try some of Ageforce products and I have just finished a months worth. I received 3 patches, a test path, a hgh patch, and a pre post patch. From the first use of the pre/post patch(designed to give you more oxygen) I felt the difference. After most squat work sets especially the hvy one I would be gasping for oxygen. Oh I still gasp but ony for a few seconds and then I'm fine. The product does exactly what it should and get me back under the bar faster and ready to go.

    The hgh patch is designed to give you longer and deeper sleep which facilitates recovery. It also does what it is suppose to do. I sleep much longer than usual for longer periods of time. I get deeper sleep and actuiall remember some of my dreams,(this is important to me because i know I dream, but have never nremembered them. . . now I do).

    The test 0patch is still an inigma. It takes about 3 wks to get into the system, which is about now for me. I have not been able to see a wt difference in the gym, but that may be forth coming this next month. I have had shoulder surgery within the last 3-4 months and had to lay off everything for 2-3 weeks. My squat and dl are back where they should be and as expected the bench is way down, but that has to do with my body not the suppliments. I am imp[ressed with ageforce and look forward to tryong more of their products.

    I will keep the forum up to date on my progress where the supplimentation is concerned. if you are interested in non steroidal products give a look.

  2. Thanks for the review, glad to hear it's treating you so well! I hope you'll try out the creatine + beta-alanine patch when it comes out!
    NeedToBuildMuscle Representative / PowerChews Representative
    AgeForce Representative - for hGH Patches!
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