Hey guys, im running a log of Anabeta solo now, im about 3 weeks into in. So now im going to add in some Natadrol and XFA. Ill run Natty for 6weeks,XFA for 6 weeks,and Anabeta for 4 weeks for my PCT i need for natty(1 more bottle). thought id just start another new log.
Ill workout 4 days a week

I am bulking, but if you ever read my other threads i play football so my weight will probably not change much, but im leaning towards strength and power right now. Ill workout Monday,Tuesday,thursday,Saturd ay.

My goal is to add around 10+ pounds to each of my weights

other supplements- PPs creapure,xtend aminos,whey, omega 3 krill oil, daily multivitamin

Will rate out of 10 on Strength,recovery,power,vascul arity,libido

Does anybody recommend me switching XFA to epistane or should i keep XFA?