Meister is REVAMPed Thanks To SOUTHLAND Performance (Sponsored)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Meister View Post
    Holy Crap, I did not even realize that. "LIPO 6 Black Concentrate".
    My Bad!!!
    Ahh, that makes more sense LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meister View Post
    Well, I finally got my wife to start taking REVAMP. I cannot wait for her to see the results she will have. The mood stabilization will be a plus also. (Well, at least once a month)
    Keep us posted with her results!
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  2. I'm still smooth sailing with the product.

    Now for my wife:

    She had a headache on her first day of the product which is similar to me. Could be a coincident, but who knows. (Did I spell that right?)

    Last night she tried to fall asleep after doing her normal stim routine and Coke Zero and tossed all night long. She even turned the TV back on for about 2 hours.

    Today she told me that Revamp has to be working, because caffein does not effect her that way. Today, she was careful about the soda's and when she now she is sleeping like a champ.

    She is holding off on her stims for a few days to see if that changes also.

    Definitely Good Stuff!!!!!!

  3. All is GREAT. My PWO is still effective at 1 scoop and I had a blue Monster that had me wired. My stim issue appears to be a past issue. I cannot wait to start my next bulk to see how things have changed.

  4. Thread is coming close to the end and the product has definitely done what it said it would. I am enjoying my PWO again and still only on 1 scoop. I see myself making this a staple of my cycling routine. Thank you to SOUTHLAND for giving me this opportunity and for helping to bring my stim tolerance back to normal.

    My wife is still using the REVAMP and while she says she thinks it is working, she feels that it is not working as quickly for her. I don't know what the difference would be, but the fact is...IT'S STILL WORKING.


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