GarGars Ultradrol log for a better and bigger tomorrow

  1. Hey all, I'm new here, have posted a little bit here and there on Anyways, Ive been looking for my next cycle the last couple of months and stumbled upon Ultradrol.

    Let me get started by first telling you a little bit about myself. I'm 5'10, 22 years old and I used to be a frequenter at my gym and went 5-6 times a week. I got to 205 lbs at around 10-11% bodyfat. Was putting up 335 on decline and 280 normal bench (kinda weird?) I loved working out it was a good stress reliever for me and I genetically have a lot of anxiety from both sides of family. Anyways I got deployed last June and went through a nasty six month long divorce while i was over in the desert. I basically lost most of my gains that I had from working out aggresively for the last 3 years because i didn't really give sh1t about anything anymore and was depressed as hell.

    Now I weigh around 182lbs 15 % bf. I think. I have a ****ty caliper. I'll post pics. Now I've been hitting the gym 6 times a week like I used to for the past 3 weeks.

    My goal for this log is to gain as much of my muscle back as I can and lower bf % and get back to 200 lbs mainly using muscle memory to my advantage and Ultradrol. Right now, as far as my diet goes I'm just focusing on eating around 3000 calories a day and 300 grams of protein. All the carbs i am eating are wholewheat grain/fruit.

    My cycle will go

    week 1 - 3 caps milk thistle a day/3 caps hawthorne berry(for blood pressure)
    week 2- 8 mg ultradrol w/ liv support + hawthorne berry
    week 3- 8 mg ultradrol w/ live support + hawthorne berry
    week 4 - 12 mg ultradrol w/ liv support + hawthorne berry
    week 5 - 12 mg ultradrol w/ liv support + hawthorne berry

    My PCT will be 40/20/20/20 nolva and have it in hand already.

    I just ordered my Ultradrol today i should be recieving it tues or wednesday next week and thats when I will start my log officially.

    Tomorrow i will post up measurements and pics of my Arms/Legs/Chest etc. So we can compare them at the end of the cycle
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  2. Measurements

    Right arm - 16"
    Left arm - 15.25"

    Right forarm - 13"
    Left forearm - 13"

    Left calf - 15"
    Right calf - 15.5"

    Right leg - 23.5"
    Left leg - 23.5 "

    Chest - 43"
    Neck - 16.75"

    Weight this morning when I woke up 9/2/2011 - 181 lbs

  3. Waist-34 inches... What? Weird. I just had my PT test 3 weeks ago and it was 32. I havent been eating Any more than usual. Perhaps water weight.

  4. Starting cycle today, package is in route to my house right now. Super stoked and excited! Can't wait to get back to my old size!

    Heres a picture of me before I got deployed, I want to look like this again + visible six pack and less bf % all round.

    Will update with recent pics of myself, I am Embarrassed and ashamed to show you guys what I did to my physique in 10 months time. this last two pics are taken last week of my arms.

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  5. Been there, done that w/ the military divorce... Get in that gym & kick some a$$ dude!!

  6. Any updates??

  7. subbed for the Udrol
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  8. Subbed along!!

    Good luck man!!
    RecoverBro ELITE


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