While I don't post often on this board, I felt the need to comment on AnaBeta. I am now in week 6 of taking this supplement. I must say that I am extremely impressed with this compound.

While some of you may know me from other boards such as PM and Dat's board for some of the articles I write, many wont know me from a bar of soap.

A bit about me is I have been been training for about 20 years. I am 42 years old, train naturally and run a training studio is Australia. I have also trained many athletes from around the world online and probably am best known for my 3 & 9 technique and Meat Ax training approaches. I will post a few articles in the training session on this board just to give people who are unfamiliar with the training and eating approaches involved. OK enough of that, now a review of the product.

I was introduced to AnaBeta from one of my clients who distributes supplements in Australia. Initially I was skeptical as more often then not am not overly impressed with what is out there. Reality is that probably half of what is out there doesn't clear customs in Australia anyways.

Within the first few days of taking Anabeta I felt strong in my workouts. Focus was excellent and as I have taken for longer period now I have found that it has been instrumental in increasing fitness as well. While I am not on an an all out bulk atm, I have gained 4 kilos in this period. Calories probably average around 3700 calories on training days and more like 3K on non training days.

The best protocol for me has been 6 pills a day which is usually 2 before training ( I train around 11AM) 2 with lunch around 1PM and 2 with dinner.

Libido is strong but in all honesty it always is. I have occasionally felt short fused which is not normal with me. I have gained 1/2 inch in waist size but as this leaves me still with a 32" waist and have added 4 kilos which is around 9 pounds, I feel this isn't much a concession.

Again I think it is the perfect supplement to take with the meat ax training regime that I am using at present. Again when I get a few moments free I will post some details on this routine.

All in all I would put Anabeta up there in my top three supplements. The others being beta alanine and caffeine.