I've praised Greg/TruScience many a time and have been using their stuff since last year, and they outdid themselves again. I always try out others products to see whats out there, and every time I come back to TruScience, my go to has been the Chocolate-Iso which IMO no other company is close to the taste and quality of it. The Jamocha Wheyology carries that same quality, it is out of this world good, I'm a coffee snob and make great espresso at home with fresh roasted beans so I'm picky about coffee flavors. I made sure to shake the container good to make sure the Leucine is mixed in well and not settled in areas, it smells good too when opened up.

In my blender with just milk it mixed great and tasted like a combination between a creamy Arby's Jamocha shake, and an ice coffee.

I usually add half a frozen banana and some PB to my Chocolate Iso for some more cals and a thicker shake. So did that with the Jamocha Wheyology not sure how it would end up tasting, surprisingly it still tasted excellent with that thick creaminess I love. Made either way I didn't want to stop drinking it, I could drink it all day long lol.

Smell - 9/10
Mixability - 9/10
Taste - 10/10
if you love coffee I don't see how you could not love this one

Now the Vanilla Trutein I've sampled before and received another sample of. 1st off I'm not a big fan of Vanilla, especially the artificial taste so many have with protein powders, but the Trutein Vanilla is ubber good, it reminds me of Publix Premium Vanilla which blows away Breyers Vanilla imo that so many compare it to.

Smell - 10/10
Mixability - 9/10
Taste - 10/10
no other Vanilla is close

I think that's what impressed me the most with Greg/TruScience, not just the quality that is pretty much second to none and honestness of the products... but the taste is what's big to me as nothing is more annoying then trying to slam down a shake that taste like crap or is blehhhh. TruScience flavors just always seem "natural" to me, with none of the fake artificial taste others have.

Thanks again Greg for another excellent product!