Stack - Thoughts?

  1. Stack - Thoughts?

    These are the supplements I have bought how should I stack them?
    What needs to be in there?
    What doesnt need to be in there?

    *Kre-Alkalyn EFX
    *Glutamine 1000 - BODYSTRONG
    *NO2 Black - MRI
    *Vitargo S2 - GENR8
    *Beta-Alanine - AllMax Nutrition
    *Modern BCAA - USPlabs
    *Mesomorph - APS
    *HP100 - ASN
    *Phenadrine - APS
    *Animal Pak - Universal
    *Novedex XT - Gaspari Nutrition
    *Viridex XT - Gaspari Nutrition

    Monster Mass - 2 * A Day
    Animal Pak - 1 *A Day

    Pre Work Out:
    NO 2 - 6 Caps - 1hr pre work out

    Mesomorph - 45mins pre work out & 2 caps Kre-Alkalyn & 1 Teaspoon Beta-Alanine

    Phenadrine - 30mins pre work out

    Vitargo S2 1 scoop & 2 scoops Modern BCAA

    Post Work Out:
    ASN HP 100 & 2 caps Kre-Alkalyn & 1 Teaspoon Beta-Alanine & 2 scoop Glutamine 1000

    2 Caps Novadex XT (2months On) - (Then off) - (One month on Viridex XT).

  2. Initial thought - that's a big stack.

    Second thought - It looks like you are repeating ingredients. Mesomorph contains beta alanine and creatine, etc. Others may have a different idea but I think you could cut the stack in half and still get decent results.

    What are your goals with this stack? I presume you're going for a bulk with the Monster Mass?

  3. Monster Mass - I had before I bought the other supplements so I just want to use it up. I want a great physique just complete you know. At the moment i am 75kg. 5ft,7. I also train martial arts. I just want a great size strength all round physique that really looks good. Pretty much those fitness models you see on
    Magazines covers. What supplements should be changed? I want to do it natural? Maybe one day steriodsI don't know anything about them for now I need to learn that before jumping into that end. Dont know where to look Just depends.

  4. How should I take this stack what else is needed or not needed?

  5. There really isn't any need to go over the top with supps. The physique you are looking for can be attained by tweaking your diet. If you are looking to lose fat then reduce calories. If you are looking for mass you will need a calorie surplus.

    As for supps all you really need is:

    - Pre-workout (if coffee doesn't do it for you)
    - Intra-workout. I've used several and find they do little for me but a lot of people swear by them. Some beta alanine in water works fine for me.
    - Post workout. Monster mass will do here.
    - Creatine if it works for you. Mono and CEE bloat me really badly and I get very little from Kre-Alaklyn so I don't bother with creatine.
    - L-Glut. Again some people get nothing from this. I find it helps a lot with recovery so take 5g post workout and 5g pre-bed.
    - Test booster

    That's pretty much it. Make sure your diet/training is tailored to your goals and you will make gains. There really isn't any need to spend a lot of money on supps.

  6. I want size and I mean size and i know in time it will come but I want to be on the right track. I need to get a diet done just need to find some one to help me out. I want

  7. Holy much stuff

  8. I bought what i got told would give me gains. That's why I am on here asking what should I use and how.

  9. Haha who told you this? A sales rep? Honestly I've been in this forum for about a month now and everyday I spend probably a good hour just reading threads trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can to combine it with what I already know.

    To me it seems like, if you want to bulk, increase your calories and protein intake. Drinking a couple good mass gaining shakes a day should help with this. Maintain a low fat intake for obvious reasons, and eat your carbs early in the day/ around your workout.

    I've been looking into AAS and PHs for a couple of months now (I even have my little stash already), but trust me when I say that these guys are 100% on the ball when they say that a diet and workout tweak can change alot.

  10. Who do you think I would need to speak to tweak that?

  11. How do I take this stack? On training days and non training days?

  12. You need to forget about this stack and do a lot of research into diet and training. What is your current diet? Training? Weight lifting experience?

  13. Can you suggest any books to buy on diet? Training?

  14. Can suggest any books to buy? Diet? Training? Or download.

  15. You don't need to buy anything. You can either search on this forum for diet/training info or also has a load of articles:

    BB Workout database -
    BB Diets -

  16. with my stack should there be stuff added? taken out?


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