Adamantium Review

  1. Adamantium Review

    **I meant to put this in the review section, but accidentally put it in Athletix section so I'm copying it here for more people to see.**

    Hey everybody I have 1 scoop left in my tub of Adamantium that I won in a previous contest so I figured it is time to review it.

    Taste: 8/10 The pink lemonade flavor was pretty tasty. I tried it on its own and mixed with lemon flavored RecoverPro and it was great both ways.

    Mixability: 10/10 No problems here...Nuff said

    Preworkout effects: 9/10 Increased aggression/energy in the gym that was not too intense. On days I was feeling extra out of it I added a scoop of Amino Energy and that was more than enough to get me through a workout. No need for 2 scoops of Jack3d etc.

    Strength effects: 8/10 I didn't really notice any increase in strength, but a maintenance of strength while on a cut with increased cardio. To me that shows it did something for my strength. If I was bulking I could definitely see my numbers going up while on Adamantium.

    Leaning out effects: 8/10 I have definitely seen some leaning out over the month I was on this product. I was also taking LX and the usual staples, but I assume this played its role in my leaning out. My eating was semi consistent except for weekend splurges. Especially the 18pack I downed on the river last weekend in addition to the drunken fast food trips. Even with that I still managed to see progress so I feel I owe part of that to Ad.

    I'd like to thank Athletix for the awesome contests and the opportunity to try one of their products. Overall I would definitely recommend giving Adamantium a try and am anxious to try stacking it with other Athletix products in the future. Thanks again!

  2. very solid review here thanks

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