Rhadam Solidifies gains with CEL/AI/SNS/LG and other great companies!

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  1. Thumbs up Rhadam Solidifies gains with CEL/AI/SNS/LG and other great companies!

    I'd like to thank CEL for sending me some products to help out my SD PCT. I'm running PCT Assist + SNS DAA as well as Tamox for my SERM. I've started a watered down version of this log at another site, but i wanted to get it going here on AM because i'll be free to talk about things more freely. I'd also like to thank AI sports for sending me some RecoverPro to help my recovery through PCT. They were kind enough to let me compare the recovery on cycle vs recovery during PCT when adding a BCAA product.

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    I'm not new to the world of PHs, but this will prove to be my most successfull cycle so far. My nutrition and split work has greatly improved over the 2 years i've started lifting consistantly. I will be able to accurately assess how PCT Assist + DAA helps HTPA recovery when added to Tamoxifen, and i will be able to assess how RecoverPro helps my recovery after coming off very high T. Here's my current product lineup and dosage scheme:

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    Product usage is pretty simple. Taking 1 serving of DAA (3g), 2 servings of PCT assist, 2 servings of Anavite (to get 3g of BA), 2 servings of OxiMega, Protein to fit macros, 1 serving of Fierce. Tamoxifen not pictured. I also have Clen, which i was waiting about a week to start. I wanted to drop the initial water weight i gained and stabilize before starting clen. I'll be running 80mcg a day to start, and work up to 120mcg. I'll run 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. 2 months total on Clen.

    A quick rundown of the cycle: I gained 15lbs off SuperDrol, i ran LGI SD-10 and found it to be accurate. I ran 1 week @ 20mg, then 3 weeks @ 30mg. I've never run anything close to being as toxic as SD, i've only ran P-Mag and Hdrol, but my body handled it quite well i think. I didn't pre load anything, only took 2 servings of SNS Liver Assist per day. Shutdown sucks, but i'm feeling great now. I've run DAA with Tamox before on lighter compounds, but i have to say that CEL's PCT Assist has really improved DAA. My recovery is going great! Libido was rock bottom, and within about 5 days i was much improved. Acne started at about that point too, but i always get acne on DAA. No acne through SD rofl.

    The goal here is to obviously assess CEL's PCT Assist and AI's RecoverPro, but i will continue the log talking about other great products i use in PCT and throughout my training. I have a goal to possibly take the stage next year so this will keep my progress even more motivated. I feel i have a pretty good understanding of supplements and what works and what doesn't. I'll post some of my previous workouts to get this going and give people an idea of where i stand post SD.

  2. Alright, lets see where this goes.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Alright, lets see where this goes.
    It's headed to Badass Town

    A quick little thought... starting Clen for the first time is rough lol. Took a 40mcg dose, the shakes are no joke.

  4. subbedddd.

  5. Sns liver assist is so underrated as a support sup .. Good to see u add it in there .. Works great on harsher cycles or pct(serm)

  6. hell yea booooiiieeeeeeeeeeee!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by GQNemesis View Post
    Sns liver assist is so underrated as a support sup .. Good to see u add it in there .. Works great on harsher cycles or pct(serm)
    No doubt, i didn't even know they made that product until i was cruising through their line checking out pricetam and what not when i came upon it. The formula is TOP NOTCH and the price is great. I gave them a huge shout out about it.

  8. Day 11 PCT Weight:189

    So yesterday's leg hypertrophy workout went... weird in a fashion. I decided to start a Clen, took 40 mcg at around 4pm and i was FUKD UP lol. At 7 i still had mad shakes, elevated heart rate and a throbbing head. Waited till 8 to roll to the gym cause i couldn't stand it anymore. I toned down the weights just a tick, but still kept the rate and intensity very high. Typical rest between sets was 15-20 seconds.

    ATG Squat
    10 x 135, 10 x 165, 10 x 175, 6 x 155
    Deep SLDL
    10 x 135, 10 x 155, 9 x 165, 8 x 155
    Leg Press
    10 x 180, 10 x 180, 9 x 180
    Lay Down Hammy Curl
    9 x 80, 7 x 90, 8 x 80
    3 sets of standing calf raise

    That was it, i would have liked to do lunges but my body was just all fukd up. I'm going to play with the timing and dosage of Clen for a few days so this hopefully won't be happening any more. Not much other than the usual to talk about as far as PCT sides. Just about back to wanting to jump on every hot girl that comes up to me at work. Except the ones i see every other night that are complete bar sluts. Hah. Weight seems to be staying consistant, should be 190 here shortly.

  9. Just to get the log up to speed, DAA and PCT assist have been SUPERB so far. After 4 weeks of SD, 3 week @ 30mg i was shut down hard. In under 5 days of Nolva + DAA + PCT Assist i felt 100% better and libido was up. For the last 2 weeks of SD i had no sex drive, couldn't even finish lol, felt depressed a bit and very lethargic. So far 11 days in i'm feeling like a new man. I've taken Nolva two other times, and i've taken DAA + Nolva once before so i have a pretty good judge on my PCT experience. I really do think that PCT Assist has improved my PCT very much.

  10. in for the long haul

  11. Quote Originally Posted by mich29 View Post
    in for the long haul
    Thanks for the support man, if you see anything i could improve on, don't hesitate to say so!

    Today is day 12 of pct, took the day off. Needed some much needed rest and relaxation. Took another 40mcg of clen, sides were a bit reduced. I think tomorrow i may bump up to 60 mcg. Tomorrow starts another beginning to the split, will be upper body power.

    I don't know if i said anything but i run a version of Layne Norton's PHAT routine. I've been running this for about 5 months or so now and i am very pleased with the progress i've made. I've always run a simple split, hitting each muscle group once a week, and i've found that hitting them 2x a week and being able to do strength and hypertrophy has really helped my gains both in strength and size. Only drawback is that it seems you need to be on cycle to actually do this right!

    Hopefully the gift pack from AI Sports Nutrition arrives tomorrow so i can get started with RecoverPro. If it doesn't, i'll just take some BC+EAA which i also love.

  12. Subbed Rhadam

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

    SNS/CEL Black Friday sales

  13. Your package is scheduled to deliver tomorrow via UPS. I'll PM you the delivery number.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  14. PCT Day 12 Weight: 186

    Well i've dropped another lb or two, but my calorie intake has still been quite high. I ate a ton of food on sunday before and after legs, then i ate a ton of food monday post legs... both days were well over maintenance. I guess Clen is quite strong lol. Oh well. I have another shout out, this one goes to CEL. Yesterday's workout was one of the best workouts i've had in months. This combo of PCT Assist and DAA is just phenomenal. I can't say enough about how much my strength is staying up during PCT. My recovery has dropped, but i expected that. By my aggression and strength in the gym is fantastic. Here's the numbers, i hope i'm not the only one impressed lol.

    Flat BB Bench
    3 x 225, 3 x 235, 3 x 245 PR, 3 x 255 PR, 4 x 235
    Decline BB
    6 x 185, 6 x 205, 4 x 225, 6 x 205
    4 x 225, 4 x 235, 3 x 245, 2 x 255 PR, 4 x 235
    Weighted Pull-Up
    6 x 45 PR, 6 x 45, 4 x 45
    Seated BB Military Press
    4 x 135, 4 x 145, 4 x 155 PR, 2 x 165 [/b]
    Standing Row
    6 x 115, 6 x 125, 5 x 135 PR
    Weighted Dips
    8 x 45, 8 x 45, 8 x 45
    DB Behind Neck Raise
    6 x 75, 6 x 75, 6 x 75
    BB Curl (In squat rack bitchesssssss)
    4 x 95, 4 x 105, 4 x 115 PR, 1 x 125 PR, 2 x 115
    DB Hammer Curl
    6 x 45, 5 x 50, 5 x 55, 4 x 60 PR

    Tried to do some abs, but after 1 set on the roller my abs seized up and i said that will do it for the night lol. I was exhausted but i couldn't believe the workout i had. So many PRs. It's not like i randomly decided to push myself, i was destroying my body on cycle and pushing hard these past days on PCT. This is simply what you can do with good nutrition and a great PCT.

  15. I have a HUGE shout out to get to before i post today's Lower Body Power numbers.

    I need to throw props to AI Sports Nutrition.

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    The boys over at AI were gracious enough to send me some RecoverPro so i could judge just how much BCAAs help my recovery after coming off cycle. Not only did they send me RecoverPro, they send the HUGE 125 serving container. They also tossed in a Large shirt, thanks for not making it the XL boys and a bunch of samples. I've said it before, and i'll say it again: AI is one of THE BEST companies in the business. I have great respect for Crowler and all that he does. These guys go above and beyond ever day, and the amount they give back to the bros here on the boards is phenomenal.

    Oh and when i google image searched "AI sports nutrition" this came up, figured i'd drop it in here too. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!

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  16. Day 13 PCT Weight: 186

    Pretty decent leg day, although i had a conversation with one of the few guys i trust (he's a physical specimine and has never touched a PH) and he gave me some leg workout pointers. I'm going to drop the weight a bit on my power leg days and get more range of motion. I was so focused on going as heavy as possible i'm not giving myself enough range to get maximum exertion.

    Took my first serving of RecoverPro and DAMN... tastes amazing. I have the raspberry and it's delicious. I mixed it with SAN Fierce, tasted delicious. Friday when i start hypertrophy days i'll take it by itself. Mixed perfectly. Nice job AI Bros!

    4 x 225, 4 x 275, 4 x 295, 4 x 315 PR, 3 x 325 PR, 3 x 315
    Weighted Lunge
    4 x 95, 4 x 105, 4 x 115 PR, 4 x 105
    Seated Leg Curl (hammy)
    5 x 100, 5 x 110, 4 x 120 PR, 5 x 110
    Leg Press
    6 x 270, 5 x 360, 5 x 360, 4 x 360
    Standing Calf Raise
    7 x 340, 7 x 360, 7 x 380 PR

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Oh and when i google image searched "AI sports nutrition" this came up, figured i'd drop it in here too. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!
    [IMG]http://anabolicminds.com/forum/attachment.php?attachment****43 084&d=1314231123[/IMG]
    YEA, she looks like she cant wait to get titty fcuked.

  18. btw, using bc+eaa right now, watermelon/kiwi, pretty good stuff.

  19. Ya man, i like both straw/kiwi and grape (second best). Good stuff that BC+EAA.

    And yes, i think she is prime for some titty action

  20. this should be a great thread.nice start with that pic.

  21. Very Nice stack!!!!!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by mich29 View Post
    this should be a great thread.nice start with that pic.
    Trying to do these guys proud that tossed me some great supps!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bulkypinoy61 View Post
    Very Nice stack!!!!!
    Thanks, i do like to keep it top notch!

  23. PCT Day 14

    Today is a much needed off day. Will rest and relax a bit, and eat as much as i can, something i love to do after leg workouts. Tomorrow will be some sort of hypertrophy upper body day. Either back/chest or shoulders/arms. We'll see how recovered i am.

    Took 80mcg of clen today, no sides to report which is great. I'll probably bump to 100 tomorrow and hit 120 mcg by sunday. Next week i'll run a full week at 120mcg, then cycle off. So far, clen seems to be more powerfull than i imagined lol. DAA/PCT Assist has me always hungry and eating a ton of food, but i'm still shedding weight lol. Kinda makes me wish i gained a bit more weight on cycle... but oh well.

  24. Day 15 PCT Weight: 185

    Weight dropped even more, Clen!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda depressing losing this much lol. Gotta up the calories even more and go grocery shopping. Honestly i've been slacking the past few days, been ridiculously busy, sleep has been HORRIBLE because the bar is crazy and we're getting out of there at like 3am every morning. I eat late then fall asleep after 4. Feels bad man. Yesterday's workout was arguably the worst i've had in a few months. Had no energy, stamina was in the dumps, just couldn't pick it up. I'll post up some other thoughts after the workout.

    Chest/Back Hypertophy
    Flat DB
    10 x 65, 9 x 70, 7 x 80, 9 x 65
    Bent Over Row
    10 x 135, 10 x 155, 9 x 165, 10 x 145
    Incline BB
    12 x 135, 12 x 145, 8 x 145
    Bodyweight Pull ups
    12, 10, 8
    Flat Peck Deck
    12 x 140, 12 x 160, 9 x 140
    Reverse grip lat pulldown
    12 x 130, 10 x 140, 10 x 120

    RecoverPro Thoughts:
    Legs feel a bit better recovered than they normally would, 1 day after this chest/back session my chest feels better as well. Took RecoverPro by itself yesterday and the flavor is awesome. It's a bit tart, which i like, but the flavor is very tasty. Taking 2 scoops.

  25. Whelp, needed a couple days off to revitalize. Was feeling pretty crappy saturday and sunday. Work has been taking it's toll. Plus nutrition has been pretty crappy. Yesterday's upper body power workout was decent, but i seem to be VERY short on endurance. I don't know whether it's the last of the PH leaving my system, or the absence of Fierce which provided great endurance through creatine nitrate and l-aspartic acid; or maybe it's the lack of sleep and proper nutrition. Regardless, i am starting this week pissed and ready to get shiit done. Went and bought a bunch of groceries, got some good stuff to eat.

    PCT Day 18

    Upper Body Power
    Bent Over BB Row
    4 x 235, 3 x 245, 4 x 235, 4 x 225
    Incline DB
    5 x 80, 4 x 85, 4 x 90PR, 4 x 90
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
    5 x 170, 4 x 180, 4 x 190PR, 3 x 200PR
    Flat DB
    4 x 90, 4 x 90, 4 x 90, 4 x 80
    Seated BB Military Press
    3 x 135, 4 x 135, 4 x 135
    Hammer Strength Behind Neck Press
    4 x 180, 4 x 180, 4 x 180

    I did 2 sets each for bi and tri but didn't write anything down. Was severely tired and worn out.

    Took my resting heart rate yesterday: 96 beats per minute. This seems bad. Gotta love 100mcg of clen.

    RecoverPro Thoughts:
    Took 2 scoops about 15 minutes before my workout yesterday and today i am feeling great. Not too sore, and for a weird reason my legs feel great, when they're normally tight in general. Also gotta say i freaking love the taste of the raspberry. I disline sweet things before my workout or intra workout, but RecoverPro has just the right amount of tartness to keep me drinking water and feeling great. Gotta say i'm pretty surprised as to how recovered i am today.


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