iforce ecdy- son i am disappoint

  1. Thumbs down iforce ecdy- son i am disappoint

    Before anyone comes into this thread and tells me i did not use it properly, let it be known that i am a very experienced ecdysterone user. i have used original ebol, current ebol, omnibolic v2, cnw turk caps, np ecdy powder, neogenix amplitudeand now iforce's ecdy. I have never run The Blueprint, but i did purchase it awhile back and coincidentally had been using many similar ideas in my training with ecdy products anyway.

    I have seen results with other ecdy products. The best for me were: cnw turk caps, neogenix amplitude and np ecdy powder. The recovery and all day fullness and hardness on these products was awesome. I saw mild strength gains.

    I never dosed iforce ecdy lower than 8 per day and bumped it up until i was at 20 per day for the last 2 weeks of my run. I went through 6 bottles. I had purchased 10 because i knew i would be dosing the sh!t out of it. I traded 2 and have 2 left that i guess i will use because i can't get rid of them.

    I did not see anything at all from this product. I expected to see some more fullness/ hardness, increased recovery, something.

    Overall I am disappointed. I have a theory that the reason the turk caps and bulk ecdy powder were more effective is because they contained a broader spectrum of different compounds, as opposed to only one compond as found in iforce's product.


  2. thank you for the review

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