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    So it was interesting I was talking with my neighbor about weight lifting and bodybuilding (as he was the one who originally got me into weight lifting). As most of you already know, Body Fat scales and Calipers can be wildly inaccurate and hydrostatic weighing tanks are not readily available. So the Navy did some research a while back and found that if you have your height, weight, and measure the circumference of your waist and neck there is an equation to give you your body fat level to the accuracy of +/- 1%. I got my personal training license a while back and I learned to use the caliper for measuring a clients body fat. It was annoying because it took a lot of time and wasn't that accurate.

    I also didn't carry a calculator, pen, and a pad to figure out the formula every time a client needed the body fat found out. So I was talking with my neighbor and he brought this up and how he had a calculator made specifically with the formula and a prompt to enter each calculation in. It got better because he also had a tape measure that snaps to your body and a nice little carrying bag. He gave one to me and said try it out. So I did for a few days, and all I can say is I love it! It makes measuring easy!

    When me and my friends go to the gym and brag about this and that I say hold on a minute lets see if you really are 8% body fat.....turns out most people aren't what they say they are. For $20 its a must have as a gym essential. If you like to see how much progress you have been making, if you are a competitive body builder, or a personal trainer this $20 item will go along way.

    Its also well built in a convent travel case, easy to follow steps, and an all in one package! I am going to get nutraplanet to try and carry these...I think it would sell well, please guys let me know what you think!*

    Since nutraplanet doesn't carry it (yet...) you can only purchase these through their store.

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  2. Just contacted NutraPlanet to sell this product! Hopefully we get the go ahead, here is a little more info: has designed a simply an easy method of measuring a persons body fat. Numerous techniques can be utilized to measure a personís body fat percentage. The most accurate of these may be to determine the volume displacement of a personís body by dunking the person, for example, into a tank of water. Because water displacement tanks occupy a significant amount of floor and office space, few facilities are equipped to perform this calculation. Rather than determining true density, athletic and medical facilities will resort to utilizing calipers or other measurement means to measure, for example, the thickness of body fat around a personís waist, chest or arms.

    Caliper measurements still require use of a relatively accurate set of calipers, however, and have widely variable accuracy. Two hypothetical six-foot tall men, each of whom weighs 175 pounds, may well have widely divergent body fat caliper measurements indicating that one of them has a body fat percentage of 20% and the other at 8%, whereas the man with the higher caliper-measured body fat might have an unusual physique or other characteristics which erode the accuracy of the measurements.

    This is where our product comes into play. Formulae have been developed that can adjust the standard body fat calculations as a function of factors that include circumferential measurements of various aspects of a personís body. For example, a body builder may have a much narrower waist measurement than an obviously-obese individual, even though both of those individuals have the same body weight. Similarly, an obese personís neck will have a different circumference than will a body builderís neck. Also, the body fat calculations for women can be wildly divergent as a function of how much body fat the woman may have near her hips. The navy did a long trial and study developing this formula to be accurate within 1% (see attached study).

    Our product makes this much easier, the calculator is already programmed with the formula for both males & females. We also supply a convenient measuring tape & carrying bag. You simply enter the information on the calculator as you are prompted. The end result is a personís body fat calculation. This product is ideal for anyone in the fitness industry as it is easy and practical to use with little to no training. It is also ideal for the average weight lifter to keep track of his progress.

  3. Hopefully I can rally some support behind this product, its the easiest and one of the most accurate ways to measure your body fat. Its essential to any person who loves bodybuilding. Its affordable and designed by a great guy, one who actually got me into bodybuilding.

    Let me know if you guys show any interest in this and express it to Nutraplanet/Anabolicminds!

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