Help With Tren Xtreme Support supps.

  1. Help With Tren Xtreme Support supps.

    I found another post on tren xtreme support supps but i noticed that its 2 years old. I was thinking of following it but before i did was wondering if any new information had come out on the products that have been chosen and also if any new products have come out that are missing or would be a better choice then the ones listed. Any feedback would be helpfull.

    -PRE CYCLE-(1 week before)
    -Anabolic Innovations cycle support

    -Tren Xtreme (ACL) 5 week cycle
    -Anabolic Innovations cycle support

    -PCT- (weeks 1-4)
    -Toremifene (SERM)
    -Primordial Performance Testosterone Recovery Stack (TRS)

    -PCT- (weeks 5-8)
    -Anabolic Innovations Post cycle support
    -Lean FX

    -Support Supplements- (dosing not sure)
    -Hawthorne Berry - 1000mgs ED?
    -Liv 52- 2 am & 2 pm
    -Vitex - 1000mgs ED? for prolaction prevention
    -Alpha Lipoic Acid - 600mgs ED?
    -Vitamin C - 6 grams Ed?
    -Taurine - 3 to 6 grams?for back pumps when they hit

  2. All you need to do is pre-load and run Cycle Support through and through.
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  3. coulda saved money and just got CEL cycle assist ; /
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

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