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  1. PES Anabeta - 1 Month Review - Sponsored

    PES Anabeta 1-Month Review
    This is my final review of Anabeta by PES. I ran one bottle which was supplied free of charge by Nattydisaster. Thanks, mang!!

    I began utilizing a 1-1-1-1 dosing scheme as directed on the label.
    After 9 days of 1-1-1-1, I decided to go with a 2-2 dosing protocol. 2 caps 45 min pre-workout and 2 caps 30-45 min post workout. This was much easier to remember, which made it more convenient. I recommend PES add this to the label. More on this later.

    Supporting Supplements
    -Omega Sports Ultima (1 scoop pre-workout)
    -Genomyx Protocol (2 scoops post workout)
    -Protein (post workout)

    I started off incorporating IF (Intermittent Fasting). I would eat my meals in the evenings between 6pm and 12am. As time passed, I found myself extremely hungry in the mornings. This became very pronounced when I switched to the 2-2 dosing scheme. Keep in mind, my training takes place from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Therefore, my 4 caps of AB were all taken in the evening. I had been doing some IF prior to starting AB and was doing well with skipping breakfast and lunch. I can say without a doubt, AB increased my hunger!! I had a stretch of 4-5 days where I seemed to eat everything in sight. Ugh. I also need to state that I did not count calories. I did not focus on eating anything specific. I ate what I wanted to eat. Made sure I got my post workout protein. And tried not to go overboard with portions. "Tried" being the key word.

    Rating Scale:
    1 = Very Negative Effects
    5 = No Effect/Change
    10 = Very Positive effect


    Strength: 8/10
    I had strength increases during my AB run. Nothing super human. But, I had increases in Incline Bench, DB Press, DB Fly, "V" bar Pushdowns (tricep), Rope Extensions (tricep), Hammer Curls, and Preacher Curls. I am very pleased with these strength gains.

    Body Weight: 9/10
    There was a decrease in weight. I went from 243 lbs to 238 lbs in 33 days. That is a difference of -5 lbs. Considering my diet ups and downs, this is fantastic! I was going for more of a recomp, rather than cut or bulk. I give it a 9 for this reason.

    Measurements: 9/10
    Height: 5'10"

    Left Bicep (Cold Flex): 17"
    Right Bicep (Cold Flex): 16.75"
    Waist (@ bellybutton): 46"
    Chest: 49"

    Left Bicep (Cold Flex): 17"
    Right Bicep (Cold Flex): 16.75"
    Waist (@ bellybutton): 45.25"
    Chest: 48"

    I lost nearly an inch on my waist line and dropped a full inch on my chest. For me, this is not a bad thing at all. I carry most of my fat in the waist and chest. I maintained my guns while losing in the areas that needed it! Freaking awesome.

    Libido: 5/10
    Libido gets a 5, because I saw zero change. I am not disappointed. To date, there hasn't been much of anything that can boost it.

    Muscle Effect: 8/10
    Near the end of the run, my muscles developed more definition. I also feel as though they were more dense and hard. I received comments of looking bigger also. Always a confidence booster.

    Gastrointestinal Effect: 10/10
    I've added this to my final review, because T-boosters, Natty Anabolics, etc. can (and have) caused stomach issues for me in the past. This product did not cause any stomach discomfort whatsoever.

    Thermo/Sweating Effect: 9/10
    First off, this gets a 9 due to sweating. As for a thermo feeling, this only occured a handful of times. On the other hand, sweating was through the rough. Yes, it was hot during my month of AB. But, there is no doubt that sweating was increased. I work in an AC'd office. There were days I had to have a fan blowing directly on me, to halt the sweat.

    Overall: 8/10
    When all was said and done, I achieved desirable results with Anabeta. It wasn't a supplement that slapped me in the face and said "take that you s.o.b.". lol. But, I made progress toward my goal of recomping. I lost fat and weight, while maintaining muscle mass without following a strict diet. And, that makes it worthy of a high rating. If you are reading this and plan on giving it a try, I highly recommend using a 2-2 dosing protocol. Doing so, will create more pronounced effects. I debated long and hard about giving it an overall of 9, rather than the 8. But, I'm just not ready to say its THAT good. Maybe with additional runs, this will change.

  2. Nice final review Uforce

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  4. very very well written review here

  5. Nice review man.
    Cutting all summer, cycle in September

  6. Thank you for the detailed log and review. I am glad you liked it.
    PEScience Representative

  7. Awesome review UForce.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  8. nice review, very helpful.

  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone. It was a pleasure to use this product.

  10. Thanks for the detailed review!
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    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
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  11. no problem, natty. thank you for the generosity. i look forward to future products from PES.


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