Quick Review of NOXIPRO [Orange Papaya] and Xtend v2 [Watermelon]

  1. Quick Review of NOXIPRO [Orange Papaya] and Xtend v2 [Watermelon]

    So I been taking Focus XT [Cotton Candy] and while I'm fine with the taste, I wasn't getting enough from it in the gym. Stopped at the supp store down the road and got this.

    Mixability: 10/10 - Mixed just fine, very little residue left at the bottom of my shaker, nothing that a quick shake couldn't take care of.

    Taste: 10/10 - Seriously, this thing tastes like juice. Like orangy papaya juice. When you open the tub it smells like orange creamsicle/orange sherbert. When ur drinking it, it doesn't even seem like theres a preworkout blend in there, but there is Also, ZERO nausea, at any point.

    Energy: 9/10 - Epic energy. On my way to the gym I was anxious to get in there, and as soon as I got started, I took very little breaks. It was an overall high-intensity workout, left the gym and had a good pump for a while.

    Focus: 9/10 - I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary from this, but it really gave me great focus. Better than Focus XT did. I was in the zone the entire time I was in the gym today.

    Overall: 9.5/10 - Great PreWorkout. Currently at the top of my list. The only way it could possibly get any better is if I took a stim break, and then jumped right back on NOXIPRO. And the taste, its epic.

    Xtend Watermelon Review: This is my 3rd 90-serving tub of Xtend. 1st time was Orange, 2nd was Lemonade, and now I have the new version, in the watermelon madness flavor.

    Taste: 9/10 - It tastes good. Better than the lemonade for sure, and a little better than the orange. I let a couple guys at the gym try it because they have the watermelon v1, and they wanted to compare. They both said this was much better. Side-Note: I mixed 1 scoop of the new watermelon, with 1 scoop of the old lemonade in a full shaker, and it was the best tasting BCAA drink I've ever tasted in my life. It almost tastes as good as the Orange Papaya NOXIPRO.

    Energy: 8/10 - I never really felt like I got energy from BCAA's, but it usually gave me a little more stamina, and it's like having more fuel in the tank. I had that feeling today. I'm pretty sure it's from the Noxipro, but who knows. I used the Xtend 2 days prior, and didn't notice a significant boost in energy.

    Overall: 9/10 - Great product. BCAA's will continue to be a regular for me, and I don't see myself straying away from Xtend. It tastes incredible. It gives me extra fuel, and definitely helps with recovery.

    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  2. Past Preworkouts to compare to: N2KTS, Mesomorph, Jack3d, Muscle Marinade, Dark Rage, White Flood v1 & v2, Focus XT, NO Shotgun, SuperPump250, Supercharge Xtreme, NO-Xplode, probably more. cant remember

    Other than Xtend, I've only taken ModernBCAA USPLabs, which I liked, but didn't enjoy the Blue Raz flavor too much
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  3. very solid review here thanks

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