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  1. ^ Yeah I agree it's been a great one to follow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickRock13 View Post
    You can use DAA longer after PCT with no problem. You should be fine running it up to 8-12 weeks. But I wouldn't go over that without taking a month off before starting it again just to let your hormone levels normalize.
    If it's me personally doing it, I would call it quits at 4 (maybe 6) weeks before using again. That's just my personal preference and OCD fear for things to build up a tolerance.

    Quote Originally Posted by JajaNe20 View Post
    ^ Yeah I agree it's been a great one to follow!
    That just seems unnecessary. There's nothing to follow because it's not a log. It's a review with one followup. It's actually nice to see simply for those interested in trying out DAA. When DAA was really blowing up a ways back, there were a number of guys (regular posters on here) who said they didn't get anything from it. For me, DAA just drives my libido sky high. So I don't see how this is different from any other review on DAA. Are all of those "lame" as well? It just seems the sour attitude isn't beneficial to anything or anyone here.

  3. your entitled to your opinion. nuff said

  4. Thanks for the LULZ OP

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  5. thanks for the review and follow up I've been wondering about this stuff since it came out.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    FWIW, I shared love with a lot of companies when I started out on AM (well before becoming a rep). I always felt like sharing my opinion for what worked for me so others didn't waste money like I had for countless years before getting online on forums and learning.
    I still share my love for a lot of comanies (after becoming a rep, and before).
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Torkeyvr6 View Post
    Hey guys itís George Iím writing this review on the new NTBM DAA {D-Aspartic Acid}

    I have taken countless supplements before and I just wanted to write a review to share my experiences with this product. I just want to make everyone is aware that I do not work for NTBM or am affiliated with them. I was finishing a cycle of Epi and wanted to stack Unleashed and Post Cycle with something else to boost test levels more. I did not want to use HCGenerate well because I didnít think I needed it for such a mild cycle.

    So I completed an Epi cycle of 45mg for 4 weeks and I was feeling fine no sides what so ever. I also felt as tho I was not even on Epi at all. I ate big and I lifted around the same weight as before I was on the Epi.

    So I started my PCT with Formastanzol, Unleashed and Post Cycle. So I went around looking for a good Natty booster. I ended up buying there DAA since it had just come out and it was cheap as hell. I had read all over the internet about DAA boosting test levels and such.

    So I had the DAA at my house with in three days. I was already one week into my PCT and I had taken my first dose. I read the dosage on the bottle as it stated it was one scoop per day. When I had opened the bottle up I was amazed how small the scooper was

    I had used one little scoop of the stuff in water the first day. It was very tart and it had a texture of Glutamine. I didnít really feel anything the first day when taking the stuff in the gym. I did how ever find a solution for the bitter taste an old weight lifters secret. GRAPE JUICE about half a cup mix really well and just drink!!! You wonít notice anything.

    About a week later things started to change tho. My skin began to get very oily like and then I began getting breaks out all over my face and body. I noticed theses conditions when I was on cycle before hand. I did begin slowly to see an increase in my weight I was pushing around.

    My week two on the DAA started to really do something and I did get pretty scared. I began lifting way more weight around. All my weight had gone up by 10 pounds regardless. In some cases I was lifting 20 pounds more than I usually do. This is when I knew that this stuff did do something to me very positively. Also my acne got progressively worse.

    I felt while I was on Epi that I was not on anything and running natural. Then when I was on the DAA it did feel it help me out a ton.

    So for a mere 20 bucks itís well worth it. Itís not some 100 dollar bottle of test booster. I will be adding this to my PCT every time.
    Great to hear this bro! Keep updating!

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  8. Bump for a great price on DAA! 16.99 shipped at NTBM when using the discount code "needto139"
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by RickRock13 View Post
    Bump for a great price on DAA! 16.99 shipped at NTBM when using the discount code "needto139"
    Can't be beat!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by BarbellBeast

    Can't be beat!
    At 16.99 shipped free, it is hard to beat...that's for sure!
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