Alpha-T2 + Erase - the ultimate test!

  1. Alpha-T2 + Erase - the ultimate test!

    I will be starting a log from today based on my use of the following stack:

    (and later AnaBeta, once fatloss has been attained).

    Combined with :

    Whey Protein; containing...
    of which sugars	
    L-Aspartic Acid	
    L-Glutamic Acid	
    Creatine Mono; containing:
    HPLC Pure Creatine Monohydrate
    Disodium Phosphate
    Trimagnesium Phosphate
    Monopotassium Phosphate
    Colour (Beet Juice Powder)
    Citric Acid, Maltodextrin
    Starch, Flavouring
    Antioxidant (Butylated Hydroxytoluene)
    of which sugars

    I am alternating my training between the following, each day:

    Day 1 - HIIT (15-20mins)
    Day 2 - Weight Training

    Now, the starter profile (I cannot upload a pic since I have sub-50 post count); at 193lbs - 2 months ago I was a shocking 225lbs. I'm looking to shift the abdomen weight - front and sides ('love handles') and also cut down on the thighs. Be assured that under that layer of lard, there is indeed a healthy set of Abs!

    Shift stubborn lower abdomen fat
    Shift stubborn upper thigh fat
    Unleash the abdominals (!)
    Retain and continue to build upper body muscle

  2. i'll be following. Going to be running the same stack starting next week.

  3. Sunday 7th Aug 2011 - [Day 1]

    Following the usage to the letter, I have commenced with a single Alpha-T2 tab as a tolerance test.
    The first Alpha-T2 was taken about 3hrs ago. I have noticed no effects so far; took breakfast as per usual. Going for some HIIT now; Vit C + water + banana.

    If all goes well, I will commence the full stack from tomorrow (Monday). [further updates to follow]

  4. Had the two doses as per guidelines and not really noticed anything as of yet - still have an appetite, and not noticed any thermal effects yet!

    My HIIT seemed ever so slightly easier - but that could be accounted to anything from a better night's sleep, or it could be the mild stimulant effect of Alpha-T2.

    Tomorrow i'll aim to take 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and note if there are any effects. For reference, it's weight training tomorrow. I also start Erase tomorrow too.

  5. Monday 8th August 2011 - [Day 2]

    Took 2 Alpha-T2 this morning alongside 1 Erase. I noticed yesterday that I had greater frequency when it came to going to the toilet. This could be some diuretic effects on water retention, or simply down to minor excitement with trying a new product and being hyper-sensitive about any physical changes/effects/symptoms.

    Today's weight was a surprising 191lbs - I usually fluctuate by 0-1lb day in, day out, so this loss of 2lbs was unexpected.

    I still have not noticed any increase in body temp, minor decrease in appetite - also more noticeably, I do have a sweet tooth, and have had no real urge for anything sweet (whey milkshake, choc bar etc).

    I did notice the odd temporary ache and pain, and a headache on the rear of my head - this could, as stated previously just be psychosomatic or could be the chemical/hormonal adjustment taking place as the body regulates itself to the new tabs.

  6. As stated, did my Weight Training today. I noticed that I usually start feeling quite tired towards the end of my routine but this was not the case. If anything, the only thing that stopped me was the final reps in Military Press which is a bit of a killer at the best of times!

    I believe judging by other reports of the homeostasis effects (Body heat) that I am immune from those side effects, but have noticed a slight increase in core temperature tonight after doing my ab workouts. This increase in temp is very minor but it has lasted 3hrs, in an otherwise cold room.

    I have taken 2 Alpha-T2 this morning. 1 Erase in the morning. 1 Erase in afternoon. 1 Alpha-T2 at 8pm and I am about to sleep so i'm taking a third Erase. This will also expose any vulnerability to the joint pain that some people experience after 3-4 pills. If experienced, I will drop to 2 per day.

  7. Tuesday 9th August 2011 - [Day 3]

    Experienced greater stamina during my HIIT today - took me a lot longer to get tired, far beyond my previous tolerances. Weight did not change from 191lbs, however did feel tighter and leaner in myself.

    Had my usual 3 Alpha-T2 and 3 Erase today and had no side effects today interesting especially as I was up until 4am due to the Riots in England.

  8. Wednesday 10th August 2011 - [Day 4]

    Increased weight by 2.5kg on all training exercises; noticed enhanced stamina and endurance and I didn't even have my typical pre-workout banana and protein shake!

    Weighed in at 190lbs and feeling leaner, tighter and stronger - although physical difference is still hard to see.

    Still doing 3 Alpha-T2 and 3 Erase per day.

  9. Thursday 11th August 2011 - [Day 5]

    Using Eviscerate around the abdominals in addition to the stack above. I've calculated on average a 0.7lb drop each day (50% of a lb). I am today 189.5lb.

    I have no side effects, however have noticed a minor increase in aggression when I was out for a drive earlier - very easy for other people's stupidity to wind me up. This should be due to an increase in testosterone caused by Erase inhibiting Estrogen. So it is working...

  10. Sorry I missed this one. It's a hell of a stack. Enjoy

  11. Friday August 12th - [Day 6]

    Wow. Down 0.5lb today. Feeling more tight and leaner. Still no side effects despite being on 3 Alpha-T2 and 3 Erase per day. Will take a 'end of Week' photo on Sunday.

  12. I love this stack! I'm sure your going to enjoy your ride and if you have any questions feel free to post and we are all here for support.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  13. Monday 15th August 2011 - [Day 9]

    Have noticed increased focus/aggression during weights and greater stamina during HIIT (I start my 2nd Creatine cycle tomorrow which will help energy and stamina too).

    Did suffer massive lethargy yesterday during weights however - turned into an upset stomach which knocked me for six, and ruined the day for me (whey protein and my tabs went right through me), so a minor setback. Today seems better, so resuming cycle.

  14. Good luck!

    PEScience Representative

  15. Wednesday 17th August 2011 - [Day 11]

    Finally got the BF calipers. I'm coming in at 16% BF currently.
    Also, some belated photographs (remember, im losing the fat, then looking to build up lean muscle to a respectable physique).

    All pics below taken before food or exercise/training.

    End of Week 1:

  16. Training has continued as well as 3 tablets of each Alpha and Erase dosing.

    Remaining tight, and still have muscular definition - BF is coming in approximately 15%, so 1% loss in around a week. I have also upped my routines to include HIIT every day, except rest day, and have split my weight training days into several focusing on different muscle groups. Photos on Wednesday!

  17. End of Week 2 photos.

    Noticing reduction in upper chest area and abdomen. Possible reduction across front of shoulders (must have been fat not muscle!). No loss in existing muscle.

    BF is coming in 14-15% (14.5%?) variable.

  18. In my photos and my own observations have been primarily about my upper body, however just earlier I have started to notice that my lower legs (shins) are amazingly toned. I have always had stocky thighs and robust legs (suitable for Rugby!) but my lower legs are toned possibly perfectly - just a modest layer of healthy fat on the skin but nothing much else. This has been only since using Alpha and Erase.

  19. Im excited for a nice plan going
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Im excited for a nice plan going
    Thanks! I was a little skeptical since I noticed none of the ill-effects such as dripping with sweat as others have done, but that can only be a good thing, since the only effect I have noticed in the decrease in body fat... and the strengthening and firming up/retention of muscle.

  21. After 3 weeks i've developed minor joint discomfort in knee, elbow, wrist so dropping to 1 tablet per day of Erase. I took 2 yesterday and the discomfort was still present, hence why dropping to 1 as a maintenance cycle approach.

  22. 1 tablet seemed a little OTT so increased to 2. 3 was, it seems, after 3 weeks too high for me. 2 appears to be the threshhold after this duration of use.

    BF is down to 14% average over several checks. Energy levels have increased, endurance has also increased. Muscle definition remains and my weight has remained consistent over the period.

    Will do some photo updates at the end of these bottles (have 2 more bottles to continue the cycle to 8 weeks).

  23. 2 should be the sweet spot
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