Small Titanium Review

  1. Small Titanium Review

    Hey guys. Basically just wanted to post this to give Athletix credit for an awesome product. I have never reviewed anything before, but I am impressed. I am two weeks into Titanium at a 1 am 1pm dosing split. I don't have any mindblowing gains to speak due to the fact that this last month has been very hectic. In any 4 week period I get in 20 workouts. The last 4 weeks I have gotten in a whopping 8 with 3 of those coming this past week. I have basically hit legs, that is it. I am impressed because when I got to the gym that little, I have big drops in strength and mass. My diet these past 4 weeks hasn't been the most fantastic either. Very stressful, little rest to go along with that so I haven't been able to go. Throw in 3 boys and this month has been quite the clusterf*ck haha.

    On to what Titanium has been for me. My legs are the biggest loser when I don't go. Even if I hit my once a week quad workout, total strength still drops because of my situation. Well, in my second week of titanium I have actually had small gains in my front squats. 205 for 7 instead of 6 on my first set, 215 for 5 on my second, then my 5th set I did 155 for 14, which is great because I hadn't moved up to that weight yet to finish my front squat portion. That's with me not being able to go to the gym so I was ecstatic. My raw deadlift, which is the way I like to do it, remained static at 375 for 4 reps. Not terribly impressive, but I haven't done a deadlift workout in 3 weeks prior, and I just got started lifting again 3 months ago. The fact that I could keep my strength absolutely thrilled me. The only thing that has suffered is endurance. So I just wanted to give Athletix a thumbs up on their product and they definitely have a new customer

  2. Nice! Good to hear it's working for ya!
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  3. Good review. thanks for the info.

  4. very solid review here thanks

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