End of summer recomp with Erase and Alpha-T2

  1. End of summer recomp with Erase and Alpha-T2

    Just getting everything set up - should have this stack on Monday to start Tuesday Morning.

    The plan is to recomp / lean bulk Diet will be following the LG/IF. Work outs are 3 days a week using the basic Steve Reeves Fullbody routine setup. I have great success with this when logging Combustion and afterwards, so I am prettyy excited to see how this goes!

  2. This is going to be the summer I am no longer skinny fat! I can feel it

  3. Good luck man. If your diet is in check than these 2 will be a great help.

  4. Thanks! I've been having great results so far, I really want to see what i can push myself to achieving.

  5. Still waiting on it being delivered. Go figure.. Cheers to NP for shipping it out so quickly (ordered it at lunch time on Thrusday) and it was on the Fedex truck to be delivered on Saturday. A big boo to myself for not ordering it a day earlier, so as to have it on Friday. Still waiting for it to be delivered now. Tracking hasnt changed since 5am on saturday. so close yet so far...

  6. well it got delivered about 20 minutes after i left work.. yay Fedex. anyways depending on when it gets dropped of I will probably start tomorrow morning or maybe wednesday.

  7. Took one pill of each this morning. First thoughts were "wow those are some small pills" havent noticed anything in terms of sides of effects. Any extra energy (if there is any) is nice and clean because i do not feel anything out of the ordinary.

    I will definitely bump AT-2 to two pills tomorrow morning.

  8. Day two. Happy Wednesday!

    2 AT-2 and one erase this morning. I had a little tingling / redness / heat in my ears this morning but that was gone pretty fast. Other than that no noticible sides or anything do not feel any more alert than usual. Maybe slightly warmer?

    Today is lifting day cant wait to move some weight after work.

  9. Gym was great last night pushed / pulled some good weight

    definitely noticed the increase in sweating it was actually cool in there but I could feel the sweat coming on (and i rarely sweat) from the first set of squats.

    Today was another 1 dose of erase and 2 of at-2

  10. truly I am shocked at how much water weight i had. Weigh in will be tomorrow but just looking in the mirror my pecs are feeling rock solid with no pump and the only flexing coming from lifting my arms up to poke them

    Mid section is still leaning down and firming up. nothign but good things to report back

  11. Tricep pumps were sick today felt like I wouldn't be able to take my shirt off yo change out of my gym clothes

  12. Weekly weigh in: down .4 of a pound but my waist measurement keeps going down! Firmer and leaner than ever

  13. sounds like the pump is insane

  14. i was doing very slow neg reps at the ends of each set, and it was crazy how intense the pump got.

  15. Another good session today good pumps nothing crazy but solid. For a fasted training session though it was great

  16. monday again. nothing out of the ordinary to report. slept great last night which was a plus!

  17. not much to report back today - gym day tomorrow cant wait for that!

  18. Solid day of kifting yesterday. Good pump nothing crazy though. push all my weights up. still looking leaner each day. almost there!

  19. weekly weigh in today waist is still going down weight check coming soon

  20. Great start. Keep it up!


  21. It is a great combo of supps and diet for sure. I wish i found LG / IF sooner. Still on the fence with A-t2, Erase though is without a question awesome!

  22. solid lifting sessions this weekend. slowly but surely getting there body fat wise. It seems the intial drop off from Starting up lean gains so now it is more of dealing with it long term. It is definitely working but it going to take some time to obtain

  23. What exactly are you on the fence about with AT2? The stimulation possibilities with it?
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  24. Just the over all effect. I really want to do a full run before I give a full opinion. get all the facts in first So far so good though!


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