First off this is an unsponsored log. Second, here is a little backstory.....

Started working out seriously in January of this year. I went from 293lbs (April 2010) to 240lbs (January 2011). I played high school football but didn't quite pay attn to weights that often as I am a naturally big black guy (hence the name KONG that I adapted while in middle school). I've never been as strong as I actually appear. I've run several supplements before these and I have also done 2 other logs on But i'm doing this one on AM simply because members on, say negative things about PES so, I figured I would get more support from AM. My current weight is around 240lbs, but i'll have a more accurate weight the next time I post. My goal with this is to gain lean mass. Plenty of protein, good carbs, and healthy fats. MY current supps are:

NOW Adam
BSN Syntha-6
Animal Flex
AI Sports Recovery Pro
Labrada EFA lean gold
Controlled Labs Oximega Greens
PES Anabeta
PES Erase
*Musclepharm Assault has been my staple pre-workout for a while now, but I recently purchased a tub of Omega Sports Ultima so that is the pre-workout for this log. Last serving of assault was used today. NExt workout will be with Ultima

I try to include as much protein as possible through out the day but I get tired of eating the same meals/snacks so I do occasionally cheat. I don't like sweets all that much so it's usually fast food when I do cheat. At the time of this posting I have been on Anabeta and Erase for two days. One thing that I have noticed is I get a feeling of warmness through out my body about 30mins after doing the Anabeta. I haven't got the ravenous hunger or thirst yet. I have been dosing Anabeta at 4 caps a day and Erase at 3 caps a day. On workout days I take Anabeta with breakfast, pre WO, post WO, and with dinner, on off days I dose it with breakfast (1), lunch (2), dinner (1). Erase upon waking, mid day, and before I go to bed. Here is today's workout

Back & Biceps Supersets *(Forearm work in between sets)

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
3x8 180lbs

Cross Body Curls
3x8 (each side) 45lbs
Seated Row 3x15 (?)

Preacher Curls
3x12 60lbs
DB Row
3x12 85lbs

Laying Cable Curl
3x12 57.4lbs
1x8 225lbs
1x20 225lbs

Seated Hammer Curls
3x12 35lbs

*I added 3 scoops of RecoveryPro into my 20 gatorade/20 oz water mixture and sipped in between sets.