AI Sports 3Z & HGHpro Sample Reviews

  1. AI Sports 3Z & HGHpro Sample Reviews

    Thanks to forum member John Smeton for sending me a collection of AI Sports supplements. So far I have only tested 3Z and HGHpro and I have really liked both.

    3Z - 10/10
    -Took it about an hour before bed as instructed, kind of forgot I had even taken it by the time I got into bed. Next thing I know I woke up and my alarm was ringing. I didn't wake up once that night and my sleep was very deep since from the look of my covers and comforter, I barely moved all night. I woke up feeling awake and this is rare for me. I was really impressed by 3Z and will be buying a bottle for my upcoming cycle. Might even get my mom a bottle since she has trouble sleeping at night.

    HGHpro - 7/10
    -I can't really rate this in terms of any performance enhancing effects so the rating is only for the product's sleep benefits. I took this sample the night after 3Z so I could compare. I slept pretty well, woke up probably twice and woke up in the morning not feeling as refreshed as with 3Z. I did sleep well on it but it wasn't as sound as with 3Z, therefore I only rate it a 7/10 compared to 3Z's 10/10.
    Cutting all summer, cycle in September

  2. very solid review here.thanks

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