Blergs LOVES S.N.S's Focus XT *Review*

  1. Blergs LOVES S.N.S's Focus XT *Review*

    I have been very very busy lately but taking the time to shout out to SNS and thank them for sending me some Focus XT.

    This stuff is GREAT, It has helped me get more work done, not get as bored doing mundane things and really helped my focus!

    rating of 1-10 (1 worst/10 best)
    taste- 10 *great tasting stuff
    mix ability- 9 * mix's well but will settle and need to re-stir if left for more than a min.
    energy-8 * not too strong but it's a good thing so I can still focus and not be wanting to go run around yet got energy to keep at my work or workouts.
    focus- 7 * nice mind lifting, I have been taking 0.5g-2g ALCAR for yrs now and I know this is in the focus XT, so it might be why I didn't notice as much as others seem to in the focus area.
    Overall- 8 * this is a GREAT product and I would rec it to ANYONE wanting some boost in energy , mind or both. even my GF likes it, I let her try some and well now it's almost done !lol send her some so she can make her own damin review!~ lol

    Thanx guys this product really was nice, I still got a few servings left and look forward to each one. :-P
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  2. Nice review.

  3. I agree very well written here.very helpful.

  4. Good Stuff Blergs, thanks!!
    what flava-flav did you get? Using Blue Rasp right now...I'm finding I prefer to use less water to give it more of a tart/stronger taste, love it!

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