So Im just starting to get into work out gear. Im 345 pounds, a hair under 6'10, beer gut, whiskey titties, and im looking to muscle up and maybe shave a bit off my waist line, and harden up my man tits. Not trying to become a body builder, or a twig, just tryin to get some strength and look a little better with no shirt on

Im going to be purchasing some Optimum Nutrition Whey 100% Gold Standard shortly, and I had been told by a friend of mine to blend it with a whole banana, and mix in a good creatine powder. Ive also been told to mix in dextrose as well. this is my planned post work out drink. Im told to mix this Skim Milk. My question would be, what else should I mix in? My plan is to do an hour like bike ride up and over a few long hills/trails, and dumbells/weight training in my garage, maybe back to push ups, sit ups, yard sprints, stuff like that, but mainly bike rides and the dumbells/weight lifting. I eat a full home made dinner, and 2 pop tarts and some fruit while im at work. i havent been drinking soda for about 2 months now, and ive already lost 10 pounds from just that. any advice for me guys? please let me know, thanks!