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    Thanks everyone for your support and I wanted to share a bit more on the story. I was very depressed my car is no longer working and costs 3500 to fix but I kept in mind my health, wife and other priorities and figured I'm still having the best six months of my life regardless. Now to take it a step forward without the drama of why this happen but today my new jobs supervisor was fired and I was promoted with a very nice pay raise and title. I make more money then my old supervisor and the company and furnishing me with name brand dress shirts and slacks with my name, title and company name on them. I now make more then what I was making working 90 hours a week and I took my car to another place and its half the price to fix it. Thank god for all that has happened to me and this can happen to anyone if they just stay positive and work hard.

    Lastly the cycle is going great, I want to post updates on lifts, pictures, measurements ect but have been tied up with the fiasco's going on at both jobs. I put a two week notice in for weekend job and I will lift as hard as I ever did before this weekend to calibrate all of this then give you guys the log you deserve. Thank you all for hanging with me through the struggle.

    Good to hear it's half the price to fix the car at the other place. Glad everything is starting to work out better for you
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  2. Hows that stack going for you?
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Damn this was a good log hope all is well Whatsaroid.
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  4. No doubt, I've been following his log throughout. Any new info. Congrats on the promo. Yes, belief in God and what he hasplanned for you is the ultimate.

  5. Yeah I was lookin forward to this log......
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  6. No word as to what OP has been up to?
    Lets Say you do everything that you are supposed to do. You check all the boxes. You Believe, you prepare, you work, you fight, and you know your why, and Life still catches you on your blindside..... Just remember Failure Is Never Final !!!!


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