Glycobol Observations/Mini-Review (Unsponsored)

  1. Glycobol Observations/Mini-Review (Unsponsored)

    Hello there! I purchased a bottle of Glycobol and about a week ago it arrived and I began using it immediately. I purchased other supplements as well, but I have been waiting to use the others until I am finished with my bottle of Clout (excellent creatine matrix) and NOS Ether. I figured that since I know how my body is responding to the other couple supplements, I can easily gauge the effects of the Glycobol.

    First Impressions: I can't put it any other way except that when I first looked at this product (I've used it before a while ago as well) is that the ingredient profile is VERY comprehensive. Glycobol contains pretty much every ingredient that has a significant effect (at least to some degree) on controlling blood sugar and 250mg of the most stable form (Na-R-ALA) of Alpha Lipoic Acid to boot. Glycobol has always given the feeling of having really low blood sugar when I wait to long to consume carbohydrates after dosing, though I haven't tested to see if it's actual hypoglycemia by waiting to see if I get cold sweats, shaky hands, and eventually pass out. The feeling I get is mild light-headedness, extreme hunger and carb cravings, and eventually fatigue. I make sure to eat within 20 minutes. When I eat, I'm good. I will typically eat something afterwards such as a lean burger patty (no bread) and 2 large yams or I'll have a post-workout smoothie made with 2 servings of frozen mangos (45g carbs) and 2 containers of Fiber One yogurt packs with about 50 grams of Nutrapro protein.

    Results (From a while ago): A long time ago, this product has greatly helped out with repartitioning as part of an old stack consisting of Glycobol, sesamin, green tea extract, and Forslean.

    Results I've got thus far from only 7-8 days: I haven't gotten any noticeable body recomposition effects from this product as of yet. However, I have noticed better muscle fullness while using this product and I have noticed increased vascularity. I purchased this products for it's carb partitioning effects and it's effects on vascularity. I am going to be keeping my carbohydrate intake the same until I gauge what it's repartitioning properties are capable of with me at this juncture and then increasing accordingly in order to remain lean and gain some more mass. While supplements do help in many aspects, I am going to continue to rely on diet and instinct with this until the time comes when the long term results of this product set in and I must say that I am very confident in this product.

    Overall: For the price, the short term effects, and the long term results that have been delivered to me in the past by using this product, I will definitely be continuing to use this product. The ingredients also have high anti-oxidant capacity and I would definitely (myself) try to keep Glycobol as a staple. I do not take a multi-vitamin anymore, as I get enough vitamins and phytonutrients from food, so maybe I can justify spending the extra money on this instead?

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I would post future success with the product, however, I plan on using a few more products I re-upped on and/or am trying for the first time. I felt it was fair only to give the review with as little bias as possible.

  2. FOG in the house. Nice review!!

  3. Great review, have you tried bulk Na-r-ala?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns View Post
    FOG in the house. Nice review!!
    Thanks my ol' friend I just got back from my workout and popped 2. Waiting to have my shake. Good to see you!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid? View Post
    Great review, have you tried bulk Na-r-ala?
    Thanks bro! I have tried regular ALA and liked it. I tried Primaforce R-ALA caps and enjoyed those better... I loved Designer Supps Glucophase (basically K-R-ALA) and felt that the most. I can't recall if I have tried capped Na-R-ALA... I know it sounds weird, but I think I may have, but I don't remember I think I may have when Custom NW started selling caps.



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