DAA/Erase stack reviews??

  1. DAA/Erase stack reviews??

    Hello, i want to stack testforce 2 and erase for 30 days....im using it as a break between my pwo and creatine.

    What kind of results should i expect from a 30 day supply?? Also what kind of side effects?? Any acne, testicle shrinkage, libido issues, man boobs...also any bloating while on the stack?? Im aiming for lean muscle...thanks

  2. You should be side effect free but any gains would be dependent on your training and diet. You did choose good products though. I would add some titanium and that's a bad ass stack.
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  3. Every time I take DAA, with erase or not, my balls sag LOOOOW, I dig it. You shouldn't have any issues other than big balls and libido skyrocketing. Erase should keep you from bloating at all, and I think you chose 2 great products. Great for lean gains. Just make sure to keep the diet in check.

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