808rebel's Summer Shred Phase III: X-Tren/Epi

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  1. 808rebel's Summer Shred Phase III: X-Tren/Epi


    [Cycle details are in post 2!]

    Here's the numbers:
    Body Weight: 210lb ----> lean 226.0lb

    Bench: 225x5 ----> 255x5 confidently (got 265x5 a couple of times, but it was going balls to the wall)
    Standing BB OHP: 135x5 barely (more like 125x5) ----> 150x5 (hit 155x5 a couple times, but latter reps had leg-help)
    ATG squat: 225x5------> 315x5
    Deadlift: 405x2 ------> 405x5 (with ease)

    Weight: My weight fluxuated significantly during the cycle. I think by week 3 I went from 210lb to 235lb, but @ 235 I felt very fat. Cleaned up the diet and ended up at a lean 226. My goal was to end at a lean 225, so I accomplished my goal. now it's time to BUST ASS to keep my gains.

    Sides: Little - No sides. Didn't experience any hint of gyno. I DID however get pretty shut down in week 6. I tried to combat it with Titanium, and it helped a little. I think being shut-down also made me lethargic, but Titanium solved that

    Overall: It was my best cycle to date (out of 4 total cycles). Everything was prepared for, and I had all the right support supplements lined up. My most important thing is to be HEALTHY on cycle, and I accomplished that. No signs of sickness at all!... I accomplished my goal of putting on 15 lean pounds, and I hope to keep it all!!!


    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  2. What better way to finish up my summer recomp than with dienolone & epistane? Quick rundown of the summer shred so far: Started at a weight of 252lb (>15% BF) on 4-11-11, used diet, exercise, and clen to get down to 226lb. On 5-19-11 I started AlphaT2/Shift/Erase to get down to 214/215lb. Then I started a COMBUSTION run to get down to 208lb @ my lowest. Now I sit at 210 hydrated, and ~12% BF I'd guess.

    This is the plan:

    X-Tren: 90/90/90/120/120/120 (week 5&6 optional if I dont feel too shut down)
    Epi: 36/36/36/36/54/54 (if I feel good @ 36, I wont up it to 54 in week 5&6)

    Clomid: 100 1st 2 days, 75/50/50/25
    i-Force Reversitol v2: 4/3/3/2
    Titanium: 4/4/4/4
    AnaBeta: 0/0/4/4/4/4 (may start sooner/later than week 3 of PCT depending on how I feel, also, I may order another and run it for 8 weeks )

    Support & Daily Supps:
    Orange Triad
    Fish Oil, starting out at 4.8g/day
    Taurine (if needed)
    CEL Cycle Assist
    NOW Liver Regenerator and Detoxifier (preloaded this. will stop when on, and resume during PCT)
    Myofusion & NutraPro Naturals

    Other on-hand options:
    Taurus Nutrition 7-KE

    I've been doing daily logs, but I think I'm going to do this one weekly, with updates if there's anything significant to note.

    Today was day 1, and I didn't notice much agression like I have in the past. But I DEFINITELY felt the stamina in me. And I noticed mild joint pain. Shouldn't be a problem though.

    Here we go.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  3. yesssss.....subbed

  4. Just wanted to do a quick day-4 update. My lifts have been strong. I've been doing similar weight for 1-3 more reps than usual. Greater stamina, more sets, more exercises, all that good stuff. Also, I've been eating like a maniac, have to force myself to stop eating at times. Absolutely love being on, Oohh how I've missed this feeling

  5. I've decided that I'm going to do a daily log. It helps me keep track of things better, and it actually encourages me to eat better and push harder, since u guys see what im doing.

    Day 6:Shoulders
    Seated BB OHP: 95x5, 115x5, 135x5 x3, 140x4, 135x3. Dead OHP (starting from rack that's right at the colar bone): 135x2 x2, 115x3, 95x6
    Behind-the-back upright BB rows: 45x10, 95x12, 115x10, 135x10, 155x10, 135x10
    Seated DB OHP: 45x5, 55x5, 65x5, 70x5
    BB front raises (SS underhand narrow w/ overhand wide): 45x10 +45x10, x3

    Diet is good. Been adequitely reccovering daily, and having really solid workouts. Im up to 219 already, but Im pretty sure ~3 lbs of it is from a 3-day trip to cali i just took where I ate a lot of bad food. Good thing im "on" because I dont look any fatter at all. I'll probably be including my daily diet from here on out.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  6. Day 7: Legs

    ATG Squat: 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, x5, x4, (spent some time working on symmetry; foot placement and angle, and knee angle), 245x4, 185x5
    Dead ATG Squat: 185x5 x2, 135x10
    BB Walking Lunges (1 step = 1 rep): 45x20, 95x10, 115x10, I was fried from the dead atg's.

    3 piece bacon, 2 eggs
    Raisin Brand w/ almond milk
    3 scoops NutraPro Naturals
    Leftover Shrimp spaghetti
    PBJ (smuckers natty, low sugar jam, whole wheat bread)
    3 scoops Nutrapro Naturals
    Almonds w/ chocolate chips (had a major sweet tooth and gave in here)
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

    -Didn't have the initial spike in temper that I normally do, but I caught myself being pretty brash and short.
    -Strength is up. Doing a 5-rep routine allows me to easily compare #'s
    -Stamina is up
    -Im getting a epic thermo feeling after each dose of Tren. Feeling is comprable to shotgunning a couple cups of coffee. I was literally drenched yesterday during my leg workout.
    -Hunger is through the roof. Im eating and eating and eating. Even if im eating bad, it doesn't seem to phase me, as lnog as I take in enough protein.
    -Joint pain isn't an issue (yet). I noticed some joint irritation in the beginning, but I increased my Fish Oil dose a little and now I'm fine. (Im taking in 5-6g/day)
    -I am experiencing dryness on some nights, where I wake up 3-5 times to pee.

    So far im loving it. I feel really good and strong. I am considering upping my epi dose from 36mg to 54mg since it was presented that the epi pills I have may be less potent. I wont do it just yet, but it may happen sooner than week 4.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  8. Day 8:Chest
    Flat BB Bench: 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, x3, dropset 185x6, 135x10
    attempted incline but chest was fried
    Single-arm Sideways-seated decline machine: 45x10 (each arm), 70x10, 90x10, 115x8, 135x6
    Standing Incline Cable Flyes: 30x10, 40x10, 50x6 dropset 40x6, 30x10

    3 piece bacon, 2 eggs
    beef jerky
    3 scoops NutraPro Nat
    2 beef tacos
    Pasta w/ Sausage
    some ice cream, shame on me.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  9. Day 9: Back
    Parallel Bent Over BB Rows: 135x10, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 245x3, 185x5, 135x10
    Cable Wide Lat Pulldowns: 145x5, 175x5, 205x5, 220x4, 235x3
    Cable Seated Rows (underhand): 130x5, 160x5, 190x5, x2
    Bent Over DB Rows (overhand): 70x10, 80x10, 90x8, 100x6

    2.5 piece bacon, 2 eggs
    cinamon toast crunch
    3 scoops NurtaPro
    L&L Chicken Katsu Plate
    ice cream (that was the end of it. Im done with the cheating, back on the diet, looking for definition)
    1/2 jar of PB
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  10. The bloated feeling is really hitting me. I hate it. It's not from the cycle, its from all the sugar I've been eating. I'm done with it. Time to get shredded.

    Day 10: arm day
    standing db curl: 30x10 (each arm), 40x10, 45x10, 50x5
    w/ supersetting dips: bw x10
    (dead) preacher curl (wide grip): bar+50 x8, bar+55 x8, bar+60x6
    w/ supersetting cable straight-bar tricep extentions (from knees): 130x15, 160x10, 190x10
    Standing db Hammer curl: 35x10, 40x10, 45x8
    w/ superset standing OH db tricep extention: 30x10, 35x10, 40x8

    Leftover L&L chicken, no rice, w/ ketchup
    cinamon toast crunch
    3 scoops nutrapro
    beef jerkey
    ~10-12oz top sirloin, 1 portabella mushroom suttfed w. cheese, garlic shrip
    peanut butter

    Got some compliments the last 2 days. Although I'm distracted by my belly because of all the CRAP i've been eating....I'm getting bigger. Scale weight is up to 224 at times. I know theres a good amount of water and fat causing the rapid weight gain, but I'm clearly making improvements.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  11. Day 11: Rest

    3 piece bacon, 2 eggs
    1 beef taco (high fiber tortilla, beef, cheese, hot sauce)
    leftover shrimp and 3 meatballs
    3 scoops NutraPro
    PBJ, and some extra PB on the side
    beef jerkey
    8 meatballs
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  12. Day 12: Shoulders
    Standing BB OHP: 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 140x4, 140x4, 135x5 cheat, dropset 115x5, 95x10
    Narrow Upright BB Rows, superset wide behind-the-back Upright Rows: 135x5 + 135x10, 155x5 + 155x10, 135x6 + 155x10
    Some BB Front Raises
    Seated Reverse Grip OHP (Targetting Front Delt): 65x10, 95x5, 105x4, 45x10 x2

    2 piece bacon, 3 piece portuguese sausage, 2 eggs
    ~2 servings raisin brand w/ almond milk
    3 scoops Myo
    2 cans of tuna
    high fiber, low sugar oatmeal
    chicken breast and broccoli
    Chicken Quesadilla

    decided to do cardio. Did ~2 miles at mostly 15.0-incline, lowered the incline at times tho. 37minutes total, 452 cal count. Gunna start doing more cardio, I want more definition.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  13. how is your strength going in to week 3?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Gstavman View Post
    how is your strength going in to week 3?
    Strength is amazing, I noticed it already in week 1. Recovery is much quicker, and lifts are much stronger. I'm doing more weight in most of my exercises with better form and for more reps. And im pretty sure Im noticably bigger, my gf keeps commenting on it lol.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  15. yeyah! just started preloading today. Looking forward to it

  16. Day 13: Legs
    ATG Squats: 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 225x5, 255x5, 275x5, 225x5, 225x5 (up 20lb, last week I did only 255x4 i think)
    ATG Front Squat: 135x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x3, dropset 185x5, 135x10 (last week i did 185x5, Im up 40lbs!)
    couple sets of abs

    3 piece bacon, 2 eggs
    high fiber oatmeal w/ 1 scoop myofusion
    3 scoops NutraPro
    2 cans of tuna
    ~10oz steak w/ onions, and brown rice
    peanut butter
    munchies got to me, had some cinamon toast crunch, no milk
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  17. Week 2 Analysis: Im up at about 225, def holding some water and some fat, but it's clear that I'm biggger. Everything is a little bigger,and when I'm pumped it feels epic. All lifts are up.

    Joint pain has not been an issue, i'm dosing fish oil @ 5.4g/day and it has been treating me well. I really feel like I'm taking full advantage of this cycle. Lovin it.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  18. how many carbs would you say you're taking in each day?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Gstavman View Post
    how many carbs would you say you're taking in each day?
    typically around 250g, unless I have some sort of cheat food thats packed with carbs. I can't get carried away with my carb intake because my body doesnt take it well, and it easily turns into fat. because i was on a low carb diet for so long, it doesn't phase me if i take in <100g of carbs a day, as long as im eating enough to keep me full.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  20. Day 14: Rest

    3 piece bacon, 2eggs
    high fiber oatmeal w/ 1 scoop NutraPro
    exxxxxtra stuffed chicken quesadilla
    peanut butter
    1 beef taco (homemade)
    Saimin (2 shrimp top ramen, 2 pieces bacon, 2 eggs)
    munchies got to me again! fkkkk!, had almonds+chocolate chips
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  21. Day 15: Chest
    Flat BB Bench: 135x10, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 245x5, 245x4, 245x3, 225x5, 135x10
    Incline DB Bench (deep): 60x5, 70x5, 80x5, 75x5
    single-arm sideways decline bench machine: 45x10 (each side), 90x10, 115x8, 90x10, 45x10
    Standing incline cable flyes: 30x10, 40x10, 50x8
    bench dips (on squat rack, feet on one side, hands on the other): bwx15, bw+45 x15, bw+70 x15, bw+90 x15
    flat DB bench (deep, bringing wrists almost to bench level): 50x10, 60x10, 70x5, 75x5, 80x3

    8 pieces portuguese sausage, 2 eggs
    can of tuna
    3.5 scoops NutraPro
    Jun's Korean BBQ - Meat jun, Kal Bi, bbq chicken +rice

    Took some pics today post workout. Weighed in at 227.8, not really dehydrated. Probably a dry 223-225 right now. Anyways, i see some changes. fuller chest, broader shoulders, bigger triceps but i dont think u can see that from the pics. Also, Im pretty sure i put on some fat, couple pounds or so, but I'm not too worried about it. I was seriously struggling to keep my hand still to let my phone focus....this is probably the best of my attempts.

    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  22. just for fun, here's me on 5-7-2011, EXACTLY 3 months ago at 226lb, just about the same weight.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  23. Day 16: Back
    Dead (back parallel) BB Bent Over Row: 135x10, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 225x5, 135x10
    Wide Cable Lat Pulldown (leaning back): 130x10, 160x10, 190x8, 190x10, 160x10
    T-bar Platform Row (underhand): 90x10, 135x10, 180x10, 205x10, 225x10, 135x10, 90x10
    Angled-Close-grip Cable Lat Pulldown (upright): 130x10, 160x10, 190x8, 190x8, 160x10

    7 pieces portuguese sausage, 2 eggs
    3 scoops NutraPro
    3 scoops NutraPro
    high fiber oatmeal
    chicken quesadilla
    beef jerky
    2 chicken burritos
    almonds and chocolate chips

    Solid workout today. Really feel like I hit all of my back. Chest is still pumped from a good workout yesterday.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  24. Day 17: Shoulders

    Realized at the beginning of the workout that I wasn't going to be setting any PRs. Im hurting from sundays chest workout.

    standing BB OHP: 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 135x5, 135x4, dropset 115x5, 95x8
    Seated DB Front OHP (dumbells parallel & touching): 25x10, 35x10, 40x10, 45x8, 50x5, 45x5
    Standing DB Behind the back Upright Row: 35x10, 40x10, 45x10, 50x8, 55x5, 45x10
    Standing BB OHP Behind the Neck: 95x5, 115x5, 115x5, 115x5, dropset 95x8

    3 pieces bacon, 2 eggs
    1 leftover chicken burrito
    3 scoops NutraPro
    snacked on all kinds of crap
    shrimp fried rice w/ pork bbq sticks
    almonds and choc chips, I gotta cut this shi.t out..
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  25. Solid work in here bro, keep it up!


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