DAA/IGF-2 Recomp Log - unsponsored

  1. DAA/IGF-2 Recomp Log - unsponsored

    Currently 14 days into DAA/IGF-2 Body Recomp
    IGF-2 4 pills upon waking, 4 pills at bedtime as directed.
    DAA standard 2 pills upon waking, 2 pills pre-workout

    Bench up 5 pounds
    Deadlift Up 10 pounds
    Shoulder presses able to do 4 more reps
    Tried to do legs 4 days after deadlifts but hamstrings still to sore. ( will try again on Sunday )
    Eating the same diet on which I was maintaining my weight and BF.

    So far I have lost 1 pound and .3% BF

  2. Interesting to see how this works for you.

  3. im in bro!
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  4. Week 3:
    Dumbell Bench +5 lbs each dumbell, extra 1-3 reps most other chest exercises
    squat +20 lbs, leg presses +30lbs
    lat pulldowns +10lbs deadlift extra 2 reps, bent over rows +10 lbs
    my weight remains the same but my body has more of a V shape, haven't been able to check body fat %, had several comments that I look leaner and stronger.

  5. seated calf raises 235 lbs 3 sets of 10 ( PR )
    seated hammer curls 45 lb dumbells 3 sets of 10 ( PR )

  6. Very nice so far.

  7. deadlift up another 20 lbs
    bent over rows up another 10 lbs
    close grip lat pulldown up 10 lbs

  8. solid update


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