AnaBeta, CN, Meso and more!

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  1. AnaBeta, CN, Meso and more!

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    I will be doing a log of AnaBeta (PES), Creatine Nitrate (APS), Mesomorph (APS), Body Mortar (AMS) and Bio Mend (AppNut).
    This is my first log where i picked my own products and logged on here.

    Stats: 5'9" 183
    BF: around 7%

    Training: I always love to change things up. For three weeks, I will be doing DC. For the last week in the month, i will go to my normal 4 day split. My goals are to put on a few pounds of mass, while staying somewhat lean and vascular as well as increase in strength.

    Diet: My diet is pretty clean except for two days out of the week when I have one cheat meal to get in some extra cals. I am trying to put on weight, but keep BF to a minimal. My diet is almost a blend of recomp/very clean bulk. i eat alot of protein, average amount of carbs, good fats throughout the day while staying around 3700 cals or so.

    Dosage: AnaBeta - 1 cap in the morning, 1 cap an hour pre workout, 1 cap post workout, 1 cap with dinner.
    Creatine Nitrate - 3 caps pre workout, 3 caps post workout. I may decrease this depending on how big my pumps are
    Mesomorph - (original) - 1 scoop pre workout about 20 to 30 min before i hit the gym
    BioMend - 2 caps in the moring with breakfast and a glass of water

    I will try to log every night, even on OFF days. Every week I will weigh in, starting today to get my exact weight and body fat measured. Along with my weekely weigh in, I will post an overall grade scale on the stack as a whole. If you guys want me to add anything just let me know! I am starting this stack today, 7/20/11.
    For those who just want weekly updates on feel, weight gain, strength gains...etc, i will post weekly updates as well.

    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  2. Day 1 - Back and Biceps

    Just got back from the gym. I am not doing DC this week, as this is my fourth week of the month on DC and I take a break from it this week. When i take my week off from DC, i try to do reps and movements that i do not do in DC to change it up.

    My pump was better than normal today, although not amazing, but its only day 1.
    Endurance was the same as usual.
    I dont know if it that i ate a lot of food this morning/afternoon, but i was very strong in the gym today. I got 110 EZ curl bar close grip for 10 reps. I have never even tried that before.

    Ive been home for about an hour or so, just had my shake and making my oats and eggs right now. Pump is still there, but is slowly fading away. again, only day 1, so not much to update

    If any lift increases in weight, I will post it on here. Friday I will be doing a whole workout devoted to squats and deadlifts. Monday I start back on DC.
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  3. It has begun
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  4. Enjoy the AnaBeta goodness

  5. oh i am pretty sure i will! thanks for following. reps
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  6. something interesting, not sure if it relates to any of these products, but my stools have been pretty soft.
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  7. I woke up this morning very sore in my back and biceps. I do not workout today. Tomorrow is going to be my day of all squats and deads in prep for DC beginning Monday. Other than my back being very sore, everything else seems normal so far.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  8. In.
    PEScience Representative

  9. should i take CN on OFF days as well? this is my first run with it
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  10. As for myself, I use mono on off days, subbed BTW.

  11. subbd

  12. Quote Originally Posted by pablogdog View Post
    As for myself, I use mono on off days, subbed BTW.
    i am a non responder to mono. i dont know why. i dont see or notice any difference while i am on it or off of it. maybe i will take 6 caps on days i lift and 3 caps on OFF days?
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  13. Day 2 complete, didnt workout. only update i have is my hunger tonight was sky high. i ate two foot long philly cheese steaks and went home and had oats then eggs. im gonna have a shake before i sleep. just freakin starving. i love it. Squats and Deads tomorrow!
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  14. Day 3 Friday 7/22/11

    Today I did all Squats and Deads in prep for DC next week. Numbers stayed the same except for my last set on deads, increased 10 pounds and 2 extra reps than normal. had joint pain in my right knee, but ive had ACL surgery 2 years ago and its been an on going problem when squatting, but deads dont bother it at all.

    Endurance same as day 1, no vascularity to report, mainly leg day.

    on a side note, hunger has increased a bit, started last night. and literally two minutes ago i got my first headache. i have had three concussions since 2008 so i am very prone to headaches as well. i will continue to monitor this.

    I will take the weekend off as i always do to get fat on food, feed my body and give it rest in prep for DC. Monday will be back/bi/deads day DC style. Dosage has stayed the same....

    i expect to see a nice pump and vascularity monday, since it would be almost a week on the stack.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  15. Subbed!

  16. not too late but im in
    shut up and squat!!!

  17. Ok, i normally wouldnt update on the weekend since i do not lift, but i have to today.

    First Thing: I notice about 10 minutes after each dose your muscles start to feel tighter....sounds like a pump, but they dont feel fuller, just tighter for now.

    Second Thing: like most men, I hold my BF in my lower abdomen region. its not much at all, but for me, its more there than anywhere else....well today after my second dose i noticed a branched out vein on my right side of my lower abdomen....will monitor vascularity in that region more closely now.

    Third Thing about 5 min after each dose, my mouth gets super dry. not really thirsty, just super dry.

    Wednesday and Friday I forgot to get my exact BF measured and weight. I will for sure do this Monday before I do my training. I usually train in the evenings but it varies.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  18. Hell yea man
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  19. Monday, July 25 Day 6 (btw, NFL lockout is over) DC training

    Training I trained back and biceps today. had a really good pump in my arms. lasted about 30 min after i left the gym. strength hasnt really increased much at all, although i trained at 8pm and i hardly ever train at night so that could be why.

    - biceps DB curls, Close Grip curls on EZ bar

    - Back Lat Pulldowns, Straight Leg Deads, Shrugs

    I will do a back, bi workout on Friday, but of course with different exercises.

    Few Things I Have Noticed
    1.) when I take a dose of AnaBeta, my muscles in my body almost hurt. It might be the pump, although I do not see much of a pump. They just kinda hurt.

    2.) I have explained already the dry mouth. I have been drinking lots and lots of water and its gotten alot better, nbd at all IMO

    I have off from the gym tomorrow, although i do abs at home.

    Wednesday will be chest, tri, and squats (again, DC)

    I will continue to dose the CN on my OFF days except on Sundays.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  20. I am going to be doing Chest, Tri, and Squats today. The reason why I have not been posting my numbers on lifts is because I didn't want to make this log complicated for people who just want to see the results and not have to read a whole page, but if some of you would like me to post exact numbers, I will being a notebook and a pen with me to the gym and log them then post it on here.

    First Thought headaches are random. sometimes when I take AnaBeta I get a short frontal headache, and sometimes I do not. Same goes for the dry mouth.

    Second Thought I wonder if AnaBeta is kind of like Prime, in means of it is a hit or miss product. I am NOT saying I am not seeing would be my first week on the product and you hardly ever see results in the first week. But today will be, as I said before, chest/tri....and my third(?) time to lift chest since being on AnaBeta so I do expect some strength gains here.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  21. Wednesday July 27

    Week 1 Update and Stats

    I have lost 1 pound, but today I ate like pure crap. When I dont eat, i shrink like a _______ in cold water

    Random headaches lasting 30 min after a dosage

    Dry mouth lasting 10 min after a dosage

    Notable strength increase (see below).

    Vascularity comes and goes

    Pump is not all the time.

    Wednesday DC Workout Notes

    BB Incline has increased 10 pounds (225x10)

    Flat Bench Reverse Grip has increased 10 pounds

    Massive headache while i was lifting. Only did two sets of squats and called it a day. I was starting to get dizzy during squats (yes i was breathing)

    Week 1 thoughts on stack

    It may be premature to make any real thoughts, but I would think I would have added a pound at least by now. Im eating my butt off, around 3500 cals a day of lean foods.

    I am disappointed so far, but its to early to judge. I am going to increase my cals to right below 4k, and keep training hard.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  22. Friday, July 30

    Back, Biceps, Deadlifts

    lemme start out by saying i tore my ACL in highschool and its never come back to full strength so on deads and squats, i do what i can with perfect form. i dont try to overload my knee.


    I was able to do 110 EZ Bar close grip curls for 8 reps...
    Pumps were literally amazing. best day of pumps so far

    I did DB row, no noticeable strength gains

    Deadlifts - was able to do 305 for 8 which is good for me since i do not try to strain or go heavy.

    This was probably my best training day since starting this log. I will probably go in the gym tomorrow and do all ab work and hit the bags a bit
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  23. Today I woke up very very sore. I am never sore in my arms and in order to get sore in my back, i have to do extremely high volume and go really heavy. my back is shot and my biceps and forearms are shot as well...not sure if this has anything to do with what im taking, just throwing that out there. maybe anabeta is starting to kick in, who knows.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  24. Is anybody following this log? i feel like this is pointless....anyways

    tomorrow I will change my dosage time on Anabeta from 4 caps spread out to 1 in the AM, 2 pre workout, 1 post workout.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist



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