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  1. I'm following. I'm also using AB+DAA. Just starting my third week.

  2. I've got two bottles of Ana that I'm thinking about using in my PCT in about three weeks. I am interested in how this treats you for sure and yes, I am following.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    Is anybody following this log? i feel like this is pointless....anyways

    tomorrow I will change my dosage time on Anabeta from 4 caps spread out to 1 in the AM, 2 pre workout, 1 post workout.
    I'm following, just haven't been posting.

  4. alright i just wanted to make sure some ppl were following so i wasnt logging it for nothing
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  5. I am still following.
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  6. Monday August 1


    Incline is getting stronger. did 225x10 easier than last time.

    Reverse grip bench really hurt my left elbow. couldnt even get 225. may go buy a sleeve for it.

    no noticeable pump at all. I will weigh in wednesday for my weekly weigh in and overall thoughts on each aspect. my daily logs arent going to be long, just thoughts on that workout. my weekly log will be more in depth.
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  7. Wednesday August 3

    Back Biceps Deads

    no notable increase in strength. Pump is getting better and better.

    Week 2 Update & Thoughts

    really disappointed that im not putting on weight, even though im eating more than i was. maybe im eating too clean.

    Pump is consistently getting better and better as each day goes by. really started out slow but its getting there.

    strength gains on some lifts are notable, others have stayed the same.

    still get a headache once in a while, dry mouth...etc I hope this product comes through the final two weeks
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  8. Damn... I am for the 2 feet of philly cheese steak goodness!
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  9. The first week on AB I gained about 5 lbs. I'm sure it was all water weight do to extreme dry mouth. Dosage 4 tabs/day.
    The second week I dropped back to 3 lbs. above base weight as dry mouth began to subside. Dosage 5 Two preworkout.
    Now into my third week I am back to base weight with very little dry mouth. I have also increased my dosage to 6 tabs/day and added DAA.

    I have not noticed a great deal of strength increase nor any noticible leaning. I have not noticed a change libido either. I began AB at the end of an Ostarine cycle so maybe I was a little suppressed to begin with. I will give it another two or three weeks before making a final call.

    P.S. Pumps in the gym have been great but I'm also stacking with Pump-O-Bol preworkout.

  10. yeah pumps are great especially combined with the CN.

    My libido comes and goes. somedays its really high, others it is just normal.
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  11. My first week on AB I woke up with morning wood every day but that has subsided. It seems my vascularity is better on AB. The last time I used DAA it took about two weeks before I noticed anything. Apparently it takes that amount of time to reach a saturation point.

  12. yea these final two weeks will be interesting. one thing is for sure i feel and look thick all day
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    one thing is for sure i feel and look thick all day
    Is that what she told you?
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  14. I feel pumped most of time on AB but when I use a tape, all measurements are base line. The last time (and only time) I used DAA, I was actually amazed at the difference it made in my overall appearance. I did not gain any appreciable weight but I looked harder and fuller.

  15. hahaha. i hope i remember to weigh in today. i forgot on wednesday. gonna hit chest tri and front squats
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  16. Friday, August 5th (dang, cant believe its august)

    My chest is really responding to DC and this stack. my bench was up 10 pounds in two weeks. not bad at all.

    had a really good tricep pump today. chest felt really full as well. maybe AB is finally kicking in.

    as far as vascularity, its really starting to kick in. my forearms, lower abs, upper chest/inner shoulders
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  17. increased my carb intake the past two days. feel thicker. Ill step on the scale Friday and see if it helped any.
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  18. Wednesday, August 10

    Weight - i weighed 1/2 pound heavier than I did on monday. I have been adding in more carbs to my diet. other than pasta, oats, and fruits, i try to keep away from them during the summer as i recomp.

    Strength Gains Today Today was the first time I did DB incline in about five weeks or so. I was able to do 105 DB for 8,4,2 DC style. That was the only notable strength increase. Friday i am going to try to go heavy on Deads more of a 5x5 style and see how my back and legs have progressed. really put them to the test.

    Libido ok this is the only day when it was very very high. almost uncontrollable. i like it though hahaha

    Vascularity Today was very good. My forearms had a vein or two i havent seen before, which is weird cause im pretty lean. Pump was the same as its been on AB. not amazing, but noticeable.

    Thoughts I am wondering if DC isnt for AB. Maybe a normal split that gives you more training days would be beneficial while on a stack like this. I will end up getting another bottle eventually, and trying my normal 4 day split. Still have about a week left. I will probably also stack Prime with the AB and see where that goes. ill log for sure
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  19. My personal view would be that AnaBeta is likely to be more beneficial in higher volume workouts.

    I am yet to give it a fair run on a strength based workout though so I might change my mind. That is just what seems logical to me.
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  20. for my last week of AB, I will change my routine to a 4 day just to see if it makes a slight difference.
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  21. Today was my best day since logging, and I didnt even go to the gym. Maybe the AB is kicking in lol my hunger today was through the roof. i literally ate about 7 full sized meals today which is rare for me because I get hungry alot, but i dont have the stomach to eat 1k meal for every meal. ill eat about three of those, then mix in snacks, smaller meals and shakes. today i just kept on eating and eating. tomorrow when i weigh in should be fun haha i hope through this AB, if anything, i stretch my stomach enough to eat more during one sitting.

    any advice on how to stretch your stomach and eating more in one sitting? i know i know, eat and train your stomach and it will stretch. but do any of you have personal experience with certain foods that will help with that?
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  22. Friday, August 13

    I didnt do deads because during warm up my knee started to hurt. i tore my acl in 08. anyways, strength was a little bit higher today on v bar rows and reverse flys. same pump as usual on AB, nothing crazy this time.

    recovery hasnt been all that great, although i dont stay sore as long which is good. i weighed in at 3/4 a pound heavier than wednesday. been eating more carbs.
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  23. Monday, August 15

    Today was probably my best workout day. I did chest, squats and Triceps. I did 225 on reverse grip bench for triceps for 10 reps. new PR. Bench was 5 pounds higher. my chest has been responding very well to this stack. HUGE chest pump. endurance was also very very high. even though i have not responded as well as others have to AB, i will purchase again simply because i do not think DC is the best option for AB. also, i have played with dosing throughout this whole log. i prefer on off days, 2 AB upon waking, then 2 more spread out. still liking my 2 AB pre workout.

    also, this morning i got a deep tissue massage so good thing i dont go to the gym tomorrow. this past week has been the best week while on the stack so it should turn the final review around, especially if it keeps getting better. although i was looking more of a weight gain, strength gains are always a positive
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  24. Do you think the increase in carbs made a big difference?

    We have had a couple of reviews where they said the product didn't shine until they increased they carb intake and then it started to take off.
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  25. yeah i really feel it now. pumps have been there, but keep getting better and better. my chest is responding very well. im excited to post the final review. i will try to be as thorough and detailed as possible. but thats interesting about the carbs though. ive also been eating more cause of the increased hunger, and i try to make it more carb meals vs lean protein. i still eat lean protein, but my snacks, when i get hungry and its not a full meal, have been pure carbs.
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