Help going to start Anabeta

  1. Help going to start Anabeta

    Hey everyone was looking for some help I plan on starting PES Anabeta. I was wondering about the 8:1:1 ratio what is it for? I picked up some BCAA's and was wondering if the ratio was for them and needed to pick up some extra leucine (if that's for the ratio)

    I'm using HMB and was curious if that could be used since it's like leucine

    I was planning on just using what I been doing with natures best isomass protein shakes a multivitamin ... Trying also USPLabs Powerfull

    Going to try to keep a constant 2:1 gram carbrotein per pound of body weight with a 2 on 1 off lifting routine because of work and all

    Let me know what I should/shouldn't do thanks in advanced


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