ccnAbolic's White Flood V2 Log (Sponsored)

  1. ccnAbolic's White Flood V2 Log (Sponsored)

    First off, thanks to Renegade Rows and CL for the opportunity. Secondly, like several others on here, life has been crazy around here: illness, surgeries, etc. Thankfully, after some scary moments, everyone is fine now. The log is on tape delay for the first week, then I am going to Puerto Rico for two weeks where I'll be doing TRX Bands training, Cardio, and maybe some other crazy stuff I can find to do at my dad's farm. Before and after PR, I will be doing standard lifts 3x week, with some cardio and cross-fit on non-lift days. I work out 5-x per week.

    Ironically enough, I had just picked up a 100 serving tub of the original because I had had enough of the 1,3 products and the other pre I use needed a break.

    I went with the Fruit Punch flavor. Of course, I had to try a scoop first chance I got. It was on a non-workout day.


    Initial impression:

    Mixed well. Taste was good with a beety finish. I like the taste of beets but have never tasted it in a pre. Still, I found it refreshing and pleasant overall.

    Taste: 8/10


    Having just used V1 the day before, I can say V2 kicks in all at once and harder (have started sipping it a lil slower . Energy level and focus was good. No crash either.



    I will add to the categories with the first workout but so far, I am digging it.

    Sunday: Another non-workout day

    Tried two scoops. Wow! This stucks kicks in like granny's moonshine. It was a bit overwhelming with the beta alanine tingles thrown in. But I liked it! This is where I decided to sip it over about a 5min period for now. The taste is still good with about 16oz of water. I prob do a bit more water than most since it's the first thing I drink in the morning.

    So far, so good fellas! Good job.

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  3. I suppose I should add some additional info:

    Current Supps:

    CL White Flood V2
    CL Purple Wraath
    CL Orange Triad - Took a few months off of it and I could tell a difference. Gonna see if I go back to normal.
    Fish Oil
    Creatine Mono
    Bulk Whey Isolate/Egg White
    CoQ10 w/ Tocotrienols
    Digestive Enzymes - These are a MUST for me
    Turmeric - Gastric theme going now

    Right now I am doing a slow recomp. Since I am going on vacation to a place where everything is flavored with fatback and then fried in Lard, I am not going to stress too much about diet. I will be adding in some extra cardio while I am there though. Thankfully, I stay at my dad's and can get some work done. Using the TRX bands should offer a nice brake from the iron.

  4. Monday - National Chest Day: Going for a good, full workout but takin it easy on the joints, other than the flat bench. Two scoops and sippin on the Purple Wraath

    Flat Bench - 5,4,3,2,1 Although I have never tried to see what my single rep max is, I did end at 240 which is at least tied with my best finish PR.
    Decline - 3x10
    Incline - 3x10
    Cable Cross/Push Up Superset - 3 sets of 15/10
    Wide Chest Machine - 3x12
    Flies - 3x10

    Workout was solid. Plenty of energy, focus, and stamina. Although the energy kicks in fast, it doesn't wear off for me. An hour into my routine and I am feeling extremely focused and alert. This will be good for those days when I come in dragging ass.

    Want to add in a special shoutout to the Wraath - I am usually shaking from hunger by the time I get to work(not good, I know) but not today. I will update on this as a sidebar as I use it more. Today I used 1.5 scoops of Wraath.

  5. Tuesday - Shoulders/ Light Cardio

    Took two Scoops of the Fruit Punch Flavor. I once again need to emphasize that the effects are much more pronounced in the new formula. CL folks: Is it the beets that does this?

    Seated Shoulder Press(Hammer Machine) - 12,10,8,6. Ended at 260 which is again tied for my PR ending a set. Surprising since I did bench yesterday and was already sore in my front delts.
    Cable Raises - 2 sets of each x 15
    Dumbell Press/Arnold Superset - 2 sets 10/10
    Upright Row using plate: 2x15
    Easy Bar Behind the Head: 3x12 - Used 80lbs on each set. I usually end up dropping the weight. I know, lightweight but it's good for ME
    Machine Press(Facing Forward-heavy) (Seated Backwards-light) Superset - 3x6,15

    Fnished with 20 minutes on the bike at a brisk pace.

    Amazing workout. I was anticipating a schedule for my normal shoulders day(Fri) so I decided to suck it up and work out with slightly sore front delts. No issues. My energy, stamina, and focus level were excellent. Mind/muscle connection is there too. Breaking a good sweat during my workout as well (have heard folks say the Wraath will do that) No bloat or discomfort whatsoever either and I am way sensitive: just see my supp list.

    Once again, the Purple Wraath kept me going without crashing out or getting shaky before even leaving the gym. CL guys: Why is Wraath succeeding where my normal BCAA intras are failing? Just curious. It's not "food" and has no calories but I don't miss food while working out either.

    As I said in the beginning, this is on tape delay. However, I will say I have been so impressed that I located a 100 serving tub of White Raspberry and purchased it. I will post my impressions of it on here as well.

  6. In for this. Your stack and routine look real solid. I think your gonna see some killer leaps forward with the help of WFv2. You really end up pushing yourself with it. Subscribed

  7. Thanks...Yeah, I forgot to mention something pretty important: I have noticed sustained vascularity from WFv2, lasting pretty much all day. More so than I have seen with other products. Pump is pretty decent too. People at work noticed too and have made comments about my veins during the day.

  8. Wednesday - Back

    Two scoops, yum! I have to keep saying how much harder this stuff hits than the previous version. Going for some good reps today in anticipation of TRX Band training next week.

    Pullups - 3x12
    High Row (hammer) - 3x12
    Seated Row - 3x12
    Reverse Flies (m) - 15, 15, 12
    Lat Pull Down Super Set (to chest and to back of head) - 3x8,8
    Lower back extensions - 3x15

    I usually stop at 4-5 upper back exercises but I felt really good and motivated, so I pressed on:

    Pullover - 3x12
    Low Row(machine) - 2x12
    Pullups to failure

    Out-freaking-standing workout today. Starting to fire on all cylinders. The Flood/Wraath combo is awesome. Stomach is feeling good, no shakiness before I get to eat, nada. As mentioned above, pump has been really good and vascularity has been at an all time high.

    Tomorrow I try the White Raspberry!

  9. Thursday - Cardio

    Another two scoops but this time White Raspberry...Did one scoop in a normal amount of water and it was good. The beets are well-masked. Did another sccop in less water(bout 6oz) and, surprisingly, it tasted more like raspberry lemonade than beets. Interesting, but good in any case.

    10 minutes treadmill, easy pace
    25 minutes bike(10 miles), lots of hills
    10 minutes treadmill, brisk pace

    Got a nice pump in my legs off the bike! Focus and energy were awesome. I had to talk myself out of hitting the weights because I was ready to do more.

    White Raspberry Flavor - 9/10 (will wrap this all up into a final review)

  10. Friday - Bodyweight: Chest/Back/Cardio

    My schedule got messed up this week, so I decided to do a lil bit of everything without over-working. Took my usual two scoops.

    Flat Bench - 5x5
    Pullups - 2x12
    Wide Chest - 3x12
    Chinups - 2x12
    Bike 15 minutes
    Stretching - 10 minutes. Don't do this enough.

    Easy day...Just keeping the juices flowing. One of the regulars at the gym noticed and commented on my improvement in form and intensity with each progressive set on the 5x5. WFv2 really does seem to be that extra juice in the tank when you need it and only seems to get better the harder you push.

  11. SAT, SUN - Off

    Two scoops each day...Just can't help myself

  12. Monday- chest

    Just want to say I had a phenomenal workout today. The WFV2 Wraath combo is working well.

    Flat bench- 5,4,3,2,1 finished at 250, my heaviest finish to date.

    Incline- 3x12

    Decline - 3x12

    Wide chest- 3x12

    Fly/pushups superset - 3x15/15

    Flat bench burnout on bodyweight

    It was a quick(60min), intense workout. I felt like I could have.done more but my pump was phenomenal, I felt great and my buddy and I felt like any more would be counterproductive.

  13. Tuesday- flying to PR...took a couple scoops to get me pumped and ready to deal with the Tsa. Quick note: no issue getting my supposed through as carry on. Guy just asked if I had a bunch of protein and creatine and I said yes...

  14. Wed- in PR. Doing a back routine/experementing with Tex bands.

    Workout was good, lots of energy and focus. Did a bunch of bodyweight stuff similar to reverse flies, chest to bar, lat pulldowns, etc. Placing the bands was a struggle around my dads rustic home. Trees are floppy so no luck there. Think I will incorporate them into more of a crossfit routine.

  15. Couple of weeks have elapsed. Major issues going on. I could not work out at all the last two weeks because I got a sinus infection and then every joint in my body painfully swelled up. I think it was the antibiotic. Great way to spend a vacation, lol. I did work out wed, Thu, and Fri this week. Joints still ached a bit so I went light. Just trying to challenge by body a bit and see if everything still worked.

    I went a head and used 2 scoops each day. Had great workouts despite some lingering soreness. Over those 3 days I worked everything but my quads since the knees were still tender. I will be logging the new and improved flavor as well and will be posting up a full log.


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