New Cycle..*&*^$%#

  1. New Cycle..*&*^$%#

    Okay so im i did two cycles of Halotest 25 and didnt really keep the gains and pretty much wasnt happy with it at all im taking a break with supplements for a little but i wanted to start researching for something strong and effective in not just strength gains but mass wise . I herd bunch of supplements do it such as, Tren 75, Mass Tabs, Deca, Androdrol. I know those r very potent supplements but i would love suggestions from people who have taken strong and safe supplements (liver wise) THANK U


  2. B U M P plz

  3. you do realize that they are steroids, right?
    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

  4. You probally lost your gains from the Halotest 25 becuase your diet/training or PCT sucked, if you even did an appropriate PCT - ZMA won't cut it. How old are you, what's your training experience?


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