I've only taken this for 2 days at 2 pills each day. 1 morning, 1 afternoon. Observations so far;

Not even remotely hungry, yet can easily chug my post workout protein shakes in one gulp. I normally CRAVE chocolate (especially when I'm stoned) but the past few days I've only been wanting whole foods with lots of protein or carbs.

My shirt is soaked before I even get to the gym, once there I'm dripping sweat non-stop. The rasberry ketones I'm taking are contributing to this but I've used them in the past and I don't remember ever sweating this much.

Can't say I notice much energy or focus from this. A small amount, sure but you would need to stack it with something if that's an issue for you. That being said I felt a difference during cardio. Kinda hard to describe, mind said keep going, body said f-ck you. 3rd day back after over 2 years away, guess that's expected.

Stomach area almost feels tighter and area around the belly button doesn't stick out as much. Guessing more water than anything. Diggin it regardless.

Overall these first few days seem very promising. Heart was NOT racing and had a small but positive effect on mood. Alpha-Yohimbine delivers on it's claims thus far. For $20 this seems like a VERY good deal and a solid non-stim addition to any fat loss stack. FYI, 184 lbs 13-15% BF.