What are the Best bulk powders to purchase?

  1. What are the Best bulk powders to purchase?

    I'm tired of paying premium prices for pre-workouts and post workouts like NO Xplode and Cell mass, I found a place where I can purchase pretty much any supplement in a Bulk powder I was just looking for some opinions for the best ones to have on hand. Right now I only have enough money for about 4 or 5 products. Any suggestions?

  2. I was thinking BCAA's L-Glutamine Creatine (can't decide monohydrate, or ethylester) L-Arginine and can't make up my mind at all about the last one, GABA, CLA, AL-Car, Please any suggestions on your favorite supplements might help me decide!

  3. I buy al-car, glutamine, creatine, bcaa, Fish oil.

    If I'm feeling rich I might buy some arginine, but really beta alanine is better. If you have a chance go look up superhumanradio's amino acid series. Dr. Prof Andro has a thick accent but he knows a lot of stuff about amino acid nutrition. If you'd rather read, look up "Suppversity" it's his blog and search for amino acids. He has a lot of info. But all in all, carnitine, leucine, creatine and beta alanine is all you really need IMO.... I just buy glutamine cause it's pretty cheap and it's good for the gut lol.

  4. Glutamine is great when doing endurance or performance type training otherwise leucine would be just fine. Currently enjoying PLCAR, ALCAR, LCLT, and CEE.

  5. My favorites are beta-alanine, CEE, DAA, citrulline malate, ALCAR, BCAA's



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