My hica-max review

  1. Thumbs up My hica-max review

    So ive been taking hica-max for almost 3 weeks now. I take other supplements like Monstermass protein,TCF-1,maximum absorbed protein,and some Ibcaa
    im gonna keep this review short too, any questions just post on this thread

    Pros: My strength has gone up a lot. My bench was at 215x1 im now at 225x2
    They taste pretty good
    Easy to take

    Cons: None really, i take 4 on my workout days. 3 before workout, 1right after
    Cannot take with protein or amino acids, so usually gotta wait around 20 minutes which isnt bad
    Only thing that i have no noticed, i have added no mass. Ive added a lot of strength though, so maybe the mass will kick in soon

  2. forgot to add that the pump is very good, ill give it 8/10. and it makes recovery much better i have noticed.

  3. solid review here thanks

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