I'm new. Also, this is a LG Sciences Trifecta Stack log.

  1. I'm new. Also, this is a LG Sciences Trifecta Stack log.

    This will be day-by-day, but updated weekly.
    This is my first cycle of a PH.
    I'm 5'6", 165.
    My diet is the best it's ever been for me.
    My meals are all timed; I have 4 meals, with two snacks. I shoot for 50-60 grams of protein per meal with at least 20 in each snack. So I average around 250 grams of protein per day. I'm loosely following a diet by Hany Rambod that was in FLEX a month or so ago. I'd say my calorie intake is around 2500 to 3000.

    My dosages are just as they are suggested on the box; my last two weeks of the mmv3 I'm thinking I'm gonna do 5 a day since theres enough in the bottle. That should be ok, right? lol

    My splits are like so:
    Monday: Shoulders
    Tuesday: Chest
    Wednesday: Arms
    Thursday: Legs/Shoulders(moderate)
    Friday: Back/Arms(moderate)

    Anyways, on to my first week on the stack.
    My first week has been... weak. To explain, I've felt rather lethargic in the gym. Which isn't like me. The weird thing about that is I can't wait to lift, like it's the only thing I think about. Then I get to it, and I feel lazy. Beyond that, I actually think I'm a little bigger... but that may be from this great diet, for me anyway lol
    My strength has been the same, for the most part. It's been a little down due to the feeling of lethargy.

    Shoulder day was the usual shoulder day. My shrugs went up from 100 dumbbells to 110, however; that felt pretty good.

    Chest day was okay. I focused more on dumbbell work this week. Plus, I've been doing just enough chest to keep my strength because my chest is huge compared to everything else. Just how my body grew for some reason. My chest and back gain mass easily.

    Arms was normal; nothing out of the ordinary.

    Legs was a great day for me. I just discovered this thing called the "manta ray" that sticks to the bar for squats. I feel soooo much more comfortable with that thing on than without it, and it's because of that that I've gotten to 320 for 9 reps. I could barely do 225 before that because it was uncomfortable on my shoulders. My legs looked great after the workout too.

    Back was lackluster; my lifts were down and I was light headed. Was disappointed with my performance.

    Now I'm on my off days, just doing cardio on sat/sun.

    I have a question: I've read that this takes a bit to kick-in, as well with all PH's. So should I be looking forward to a strong next few weeks, or is this lethargy gonna stick around?

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Any reviews on this stack?

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