SAN CM2 (Creatine Nitrate)

  1. SAN CM2 (Creatine Nitrate)

    Has anybody tried this? I'm finishing up a bottle of APS Creatine Nitrate right now - loved it, and am thinking about trying SAN's version. I used Myotest after my first cycle, and thought it was a good product. I know SAN has an outstanding reputation. Just looking to get some feedback.


  2. I really liked the pump I get, but the caplets are too big!. Capsules I can swallow easy, but these are pressed pills with funky edges. I think the serving may be 8 pre and post? Either way, too big for me. Will not purchase again.

  3. If the caps are too big for you, try Fierce. It has a good dose of nireates, as well, and is one of the top preworkouts out now. Tastes excellent as well.

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