Review of AI's "Maniac" pre workout drink mix

  1. Review of AI's "Maniac" pre workout drink mix

    I got a bunch of samples of various ai products, so i feel it only propper to give my review of them as I use them.

    First thought, taste. So I took the fruit punch sample of maniac i had, mixed it up, and was very suprised at how well it tasted. all the fruit punch pre workouts i've ever tasted have tasted like sh!t.

    I could drink this, it was pleasent. good job with that AI

    after about 30min I noticed an increase in energy & focus, so i put that focus to good use, and sewed up the hole in my bike riding socks. def dont want to be distracted while swinging a needle around.

    then I went riding in the 115 degree sunshine for 3 hours. good energy.

    other thoughts:

    Well, I didn't get that beta alanine rush that i've gotten fro other products. I havn't taken a look at how much a tub of this cost, but from looking at the ingredient profile, i would think it would be worth 25-30 dollars (retail) with the taste giving me the okay to pay in the 30 range.

    would of liked to see how well this does with 2 servings. I never use 1 serving with any pre w/o. and even then, i normally will take 12.5mg of ephedrine + 2 scoops of w/e pre workout im using.

    Final thoughts:

    good stuff, i'll have to buy a tub down the road later on to give a full review of how well this can do, but def a positive on the taste.

  2. just want to update I went and took a look at the price for maniac, and was at first suprised to see it priced so high 49.99 i believe, but i looked at the amount of servings per scoop and saw it was 80, so for those of us that scoop twice, we'd get 40 servings, which isn't bad.

  3. I had similar thoughts on Maniac, I needed 2-3 scoops to get the boost I needed though it does give excellent focus and endurance. I like that the scoops are the size they are though, can dose less for cardio and evening workouts if you like.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  4. nice, i got another flavor, i think it's pink lemonade or something like that I plan on trying again. but yea, 1 serving isn't enough for me.

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