Neurocore by Muscletech

  1. Neurocore by Muscletech

    Well, I knew better than to try a Muscletech product but I had to give the new Neurocore pre-workout a try.

    It's a good thermogenic and makes you sweat, but that's it. No pump, no raging energy, no real tingle. Oh, and except for Dark Rage, the taste may be the worst out there.

    It's back to Jack3d and 1mr.

    Muscletech.......... Why?????

  2. I should neg you for buying that crap  At least you didn't buy Hard-Core Nitro-Tech

  3. I have a friend that works at GNC that mentioned this to me the other day, but jack3d was on a hot buy. The reviews on neurocore was terrible anyway.

    It always seems that with muscletech you are buying a brand name. Their marketing appeals to people new to supps and the packaging of the products looks enticing. The psycology behind it is there, but the products always seem to lack. The only good product I have heard of from them is Cell Tech.

  4. The next MuscleTech product I try will be the first.

  5. Save your hard earned money..



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