Red Dog - SNS 'Agmatine' Review

  1. Red Dog - SNS 'Agmatine' Review

    This is a brief review of SNS Agmatine (3 servings @ 4 capsules each) courtesy of antihero -- thanks for the sample buddy!

    I've seen others playing with the dosing scheme, but I kept it to 4 capsules 45-60 minutes before lifting. I tried three different combinations however:

    1) Agmatine by itself
    2) Agmatine + stim pre-workout
    3) Agmatine + stim pre-workout + GMS

    A few notes:
    1. All three came with a very nice pump that was noticeably fuller than usual.
    2. The effectiveness of the product seems enhanced when combined with an pre-workout mix like Drive, Maniac, etc.
    3. GMS usually aids in creating a big pump when I combine it with a stim pre-workout, but the difference between agmatine + stim and agmatine + stim + GMS was hard to gauge in only one session.
    4. I didn't notice any perceivable impact on strength and endurance, but honestly didn't expect much there.
    5. The pump lasted a bit longer post-workout than normal (without agmatine) which is always nice.
    As far as I know, agmatine is a pump product that does very well in it's category. Actually, I think the inclusion of agmatine is partly why I liked Hemavol so much (reviewed HERE).

    I already have my custom pre-workout mix laid out and includes the purchase of bulk agmatine -- at the moment, SNS Agmatine is my first choice as I'm a big SNS fan already. Plus, the price is right and the product is tight.

    I enjoyed the product guys -- well done! Thanks again to antihero for the sample.

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  3. Good review bud. Thanks for throwing this up ( i know im late )
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