bi0's anabeta log... effects on recomp to a 19yr old

  1. bi0's anabeta log... effects on recomp to a 19yr old

    This is my very first log so bear with me lol. My stats :

    19yrs old
    220-225 lbs (not sure exact)
    6ft 2in

    Using wendlers 5/3/1 routine
    Currently eating 3000-3500 cals a day (clean as possible)

    Bronkaid caffeine stack 3x daily @ 25/200
    ON whey
    Vitamin D 5000 IU 1x daily
    Anabeta 4 caps daily

  2. Took my first cap this morning with breakfast
    Breakfast looked like: 4 whole eggs, 1/2 scoop whey, 1 cup white lowfat milk, 2 packets strwaberry oatmeal, 1 cup of greek yogurt with strawberries... 64g pro, 870 cals, 25fat, 92 carbs

    Feel: really good mood even tho I'm stuck at work for 12 hours today and my girlfriend is out of town for the weekend. Muscles feel firm and tight but that's kinda normal, good energy

  3. This isnt the log section.
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  4. Oh crap.... I fail

  5. What does recomp mean?

  6. Recomp is like a lean bulk....trying to lose fat while maintaining all muscle mass and possibly adding muscle mass
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  7. Would it be ok to continue this log here?

  8. why not lol
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  9. Idk if my other reply actually posted so these are my results thus far: I've definately noticed a little more lean-ness to my body but not so much my mid section yet. Since beginning it I have gained atleast 2lbs. In the vascularity aspect I don't see a huge change because even when I was at my leanest I didn't see much of it. Pumps are great and my last bicep workout pump was almost painful. Progress with strength is a normal thing for me on 5/3/1. Will post future results

  10. Oh and also diet os very clean and I'm eating at maintenece calories with a significant drop in carbs for my leaning out. I'm planning on boosting my pre workout carbs as of monday for more energy in the gym because I am gonna begin adding gymnastic ring movements to my assistence work.

  11. Good results so far.

    Do you have an approximate body fat measurement? I would be curious to know to correlate it with any vascularity benefits you see.

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  12. Last approximate test I did said 24. I'd say I'm around 21-22 right now. That's why I'm eating at maintenece cals for a 225lb weight so I can get there and stay there and just start shredding

  13. Ok so update: I've been at 5 caps a day for about 2 weeks. I feel jacked! All day everyday! Super pumped on my arms and chest. Extreme hunger and everything else more or less the same

  14. Awesome start lol. Crazy results for so soon into your run. Keep up the good work!

  15. Oh and I meant to include this. Aesthetically I have not seen a huge difference but I have noticed a bit more vascularity. I'm only 4 weeks in so we'll see

  16. 4 weeks is about 1 bottles is gonna be hard to see alot of vascularity at your BF% though. in some areas you may, like forearms.
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  17. Yea there's about 2 or 3 servings left in this bottle and I already ordered and am waiting for the next one

  18. Second bottle got here yesterday. Updates since starting 5 caps a day I've noticed more hunger and a never ending pump


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