AI Sports Nutrition 3Z showdown

  1. Wink AI Sports Nutrition 3Z showdown

    First off, i would like to salute UNCnate and the whole AI Sports staff for making this possible. And an extra salutation for all the xtra goodies that were included with product.

    Couldn't have arrived at a better time, for only God knows how bad i needed to get a good nights rest, for things been hectic as of lately and my hopes is that the 3Z is going to help straighten some things out, and let me hibernate for a few more hours.

    I recieved package 2 days ago but have been too busy to get this log started, and my apologies go out to you UNCnate and AI for the delay.
    Just took my first dose around 7:30 this morning, so i don't have much to report on just yet, except that i'm going to sleep right now for it's been about 2 hours since i dosed, i i'm kind of getting in that relaxed zone and i want to get off this computer and lay on my bed.

    I work nights, so sometimes it's kind of tricky trying to get some ZZZ's(3Z's) with that sun beamin, but i'm about to put this product to the test and see if it delivers what it said it will....

    Will post back upon my awakening. Happy Friday to all my AM and AISN comrads.

    For those that been interested in seeing how this product delivers, feel free to stay on board and take this journey with me, you're all welcome.

  2. not to slam this product but honestly the ingredient profile can be had much cheaper in any number of sleep aid products, nothing unique or new here

  3. Quote Originally Posted by emiliozapata View Post
    not to slam this product but honestly the ingredient profile can be had much cheaper in any number of sleep aid products, nothing unique or new here
    I agree with you emilio 100%, but i submitted an app to the thread and happened to be one of "THE CHOSEN ONES" to review AI's new product.

    Now as far as how my first dosing went, honestly i tossed and turned all day to no avail of falling asleep, so i took 3 more caps, and gotten the same response.????????????
    Not sure if i have to give it time to build up into my system, which i doubt, cause i've taken some of the ingredients in the product on a solo basis, and was able to get to sleep with no prob. But all hope is not lost. Today is another day and we'll see what happens. I'm about to take my next dose in about 30 min. and i'll post my experience later on.

    Now your HGH-PRO is another story. I rate that product 5 stars*****and 10 thumbs up in every aspect. I slept like a baby and woke up feeling like a million bucks and i didn't even sleep 8 hrs.

    Love AI's products, and have faith that this product will deliver what it says it will and all will be well. So until later...............stay tuned.

  4. I let a few days go by, without posting any updates, due to the busy 4th of july weekend festivities, but i'm back to my regular programming, reviewing this product by AI Sports.

    Still the same as when i dosed the first time. The 3 caps that considered to be a serving seem to be having no effect, so i upped it by taking 3 more and it then seems to serve it's purpose slightly. Lots of tossing and turning though. Also the caps feels as if there's barely anything in them.

    Would rather have alot more positive things to say about this product, but i'm calling it the way it is, from my own personal experience, for some might report the totally opposite, but hey everyones body tolerence is different.

    So from here until the bottle is done i'll be dosing at 6 caps before bed, to see if things pick up a bit.

  5. things are starting to kick in. dosed yesterday (3 caps) and 30 minutes later i was able to get some z's. i knew this supp. would be a satisfying one, for AI puts out nothing but quality supps that deliver what it was designed to do. I know that i said that i was going to double dose, but i wanted to give the supp a shot to settle in my system and i'm now glad that i chose to go that route, so my bottle could last a month and i could get some good quality sleep. Thanks again AI, you guys never fail your customers. Keep up the good work.

  6. Nice. How are the after-morning effects?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns View Post
    Nice. How are the after-morning effects?
    I'd like to know this as well

  8. after mornign effects were drowsy for myself so I take 3z when I know I can sleep longer verses having to get up- when i know I have to get up its hghpro =) MAY50 50 % off
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  9. waking up feeling, rested and ready to go, no grogginess, or drowsiness experienced yet on my behalf. still getting some good quality Z'ss.
    I noticed though that i had to lighten up on my daily stims for the product to actually perform the way that its suppose to. I blame my first 2 experiences on my heavy stim dosing. Sometimes i have no choiceto keep my self awake. I work nights and come home to do 8 hours of caring and taking care of my daughter. So to make sure i give enough quality time to work and family i have to keep my self stimmed up most of the time. But thank you UNCnate for the product has been everything that my body(physically&mentally) needed.

    For anyone needing to get some better sleep need to look into this product. Samples are available at your request guys, so take advantage and don't miss out on this fantastic product.

  10. good to hear you like it.

    I hate stim use, esp if used too much. I believe the body needs to rest a good bit, esp when stressed a lot whether it be from hard heavy training or work MAY50 50 % off
    Mind and Muscle Code AM10
    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online coaching

  11. good updates here


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