So I'm starting a log for Dexaprine. Here's some info:

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Supplement Facts:

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About me:
I'm 21, and mostly relaxing this summer. I workout 3 times a week with a 5x5 routine.

First Obseravations:
Nice caplet and presentation. Like the green.

First/Second Trial:
WOW these are strong. I took one caplet yesterday to begin with; that was a mistake. The first caplet made me dehydrated, lightheaded and felt like it raised my body temperature and increased heart rate. This is a heavy duty supplement.
Tried a second one today, and my body seems to be getting used to the effects. Not as many negatives as the first caplet. Most likely I'll be taking 1.5 to 2 a day with the first dosed on an empty stomach upon waking, and another half at around 2pm. I may start off with the first dose being half a caplet.
This supplement seems to increase appetite as well. I cannot say this for sure yet, however in these first two trials I've noticed that I was very hungry after taking Dexaprine, even if I'd eaten.

For those who like science, below is an article about the effectiveness of 3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine:

This log should last until the end of July.

Thanks to IForce for supplying me with Dexaprine for this log!