Doc's all out winter bulk - Anabeta unsponsered log with progress pictures

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  1. Doc's all out winter bulk - Anabeta unsponsered log with progress pictures

    Its time for my log of the new pes anabeta. I will be running two bottles over 8 weeks.

    I will be using Muscle Pharm Assault,acetyl carnatine and ON essential amino energy to go along with it.

    I am 6 foot, 194 pounds and was at 13 percent body fat a few weeks ago but i think ive put on about 2% recently. Therefore i dont want to add too much fat. I will post a picture later and accurate fat measurements when i find my calipers.

    My meal plan will be this
    Meal 1 Breakfast.

    1 cup of oatmeal with milk: 232 calories, 32.5 carbs, 6.2 fat, 12 grams protien
    4 eggs: 286 calories, 1.4 carbs, 19 fat, 25 protien.
    Total: 518 calories, 34g carbs, 25g fat, 37 g protien.

    Meal 2: 11 am
    180 Grams chicken: 300 calories, 0 carbs, 11.7g fat, 50g protien
    1 serving steamed vegetables: 70 calories; 13g carbs, 0g fat, 2g protien
    Total: 370 calories, 13g carbs, 11.7g fat, 52g protien.

    Meal 3: 2 pm
    180 Grams chicken: 300 calories, 0 carbs, 11.7g fat, 50g protien
    1 cup of brown rice; 216 calories, 45g carbs 1.8g fat, 5g protien.
    Total: 516 calories: 45g carbs, 13.5g fat, 55g protien

    Meal 4 5pm
    250 grams of low fat cottage cheese: 216 calories, 6.8g carbs, 2.5g fat, 31g protien
    30 grams of unsulted penuts: 176 calories, 6.5g carbs, 14.9g fat, 7.1 g protien
    Total: 392 calories, 13.3g carbs, 17.5 g fat, 38 grams protien

    6pm: preworkout shake
    Workout: 6:30pm

    8pm: post workout shake: 350 calories 14g carbs, 17g fat, 30g protien.

    meal 5: 9pm dinner:
    150g serlion steak: 282 calories, 0g carbs, 10g fat, 45g protien
    1 serving steamed vegetables: 70 calories; 13g carbs, 0g fat, 2g protien
    1 cup of brown rice; 216 calories, 45g carbs 1.8g fat, 5g protien.

    total: 566 calories: 58g carbs, 12g fat, 52g protien

    Meal 6: 11pm
    250 grams of low fat cottage cheese: 216 calories, 6.8g carbs, 2.5g fat, 31g protien

    Total:2962 calories: 184g carbs, 99g fat, 295g protien
    I have been doing a three day full body split but i think i will go back to a 4 day split for my bulk to change it up.
    I took my first dose of ANA beta an hour ago with food. I am already feeling hungry. Today is an non workout day.

    Each day I will try my best to add my workout, my diet and how i feel anabeta is effecting me.

    Edit: images added!

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  2. Final Review:

    Ive waited a few days after finnishing my anabeta cycle to assess my workout and what anabeta did exactly for my body. Essentially, after all my confusion earlier, i think it did a great job. my notes are as follows.

    Effectiveness: 10/10
    I had a little trouble dosing anabeta but got it right towards the end of the first bottle. Essentially i found i needed 6 tabs a day. Overall i put one and a quarter inches on my arms and improved physic overall. Although frustrating i learnt a lot about my diet and body during the cycle too and really accellerated when i dialed in my diet right. I put on 10 pounds at my heaviest throughout the cycle but lost 4 after skiing and time off due to a bad back. Hopefully that weight was fat. While i noticed vascularity at the beginning i didnt so much as i put on fat. Pumps were HUGE!

    Streangth: 10/10
    One thing i never doubted while on anabeta was the strength increases. I hit pr's for essentially everything and set a one rep max for bench press at 120kg (264). That night was on a hammer streagth machine so i have to take that number with a grain of salt but i was lifting more than some of the roid crowd (who were bigger than me) on numerous lifts.

    Body composition:9/10
    At the beginning half of the cycle i goofed my diet up and put on more fat than i intended which in turn damaged my confidence. However looking back, and as you will see in my pictures, i put on decent size. Once i fixed my diet and made adjustments after getting over the denial i leaned out around my guts a bit. However, as i was flat out bulking i cant expect it to lean me out completely now can i? The size gains were great.

    I do look smaller now than my biggest point in the log. However during my holiday i only lifted 4 times in 12 days and was unable to lift much after i got home due to an injury. i just sat around in bed all week. This could not be helped though

    Side effects 9.5/10
    The thirst side of things killed me as i was always parched. This normally would be okay but as i am a singer it made it hard to sing on some days. Although very minor this annoyed me the most-but its not really a dangerous effect. I also had back achne(ive never had that before and face achne(prone to that). Aside from that there were no negative sides i can recall. The hunger was good in the first bottle but subsided throughout the second.

    Price: At $30 worth every cent. Will i consider it at $45-yes, but only when i have the spare money.

    I hope this log has been enjoyable. the last 12 weeks have been a fun ride with ups and downs. Thanks to everyone who followed.

    And, here are the pictures. I tried to make them as comparative as possible.

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  3. Subbed!
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  4. Good luck with this one. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or anyone else on the team. Subbed.
    PEScience Representative

  5. in for the ride

  6. Day 1:

    off day. Unfortunatly, i was a little too busy to do cardio

    4 wheat biscuits with milk
    50g WPC protien powder in milk

    Meal 2:
    150G steak,
    2 cups of brown rice
    1 ON aminio energy shake
    1 anabeta tablet

    meal 3
    4 eggs,
    1 apple

    Meal 4
    3 plates of chicken rice and vegies

    Meal 5
    250 grams cottage cheese
    1 anabeta

    Meal 6
    1 anabeta,
    Im now waiting to see what cravings it gives me. im very thirsty right now.

    I took my first dose of Anabeta with a 150gram steak, 2 cups of brown rice and ON amino energy. A little time after i felt quite dizzy like i had low blood sugar. I went and grabbed an apple. (100pm)
    Went out and did a few things for two hours and came back (starving) to eat 4 eggs and another apple and some more aminos (4.50pm)
    An hour later i went to the girlfriends house, was hungary again and polished of 3 plates of chicken rice and vegies.

    I then went to the shopps and picked up two dozen eggs, 2 kg of chicken breast, 1.5 kilos of cottage cheese, 1kg of brown rice, and 1kg of unsalted penuts. Hopefully that keeps me eating well for the next few days.

    2 hours later i had another tablet with 250 grams of low fat cottage cheese...i started getting a little dizzy again and reallly tired however i did not get hungry.(8.30 pm)
    2 mins ago i poped another pill (10.50pm) without food. I want to experiment and see what this does. If i get food cravings i will eat penuts and cottage cheese.

    I'll try take pictures and body fat measurements tomorrow. Im really thirsty right now so im going to drink some water.
  7. Day 2

    Today was my second day of anabeta. I ended up taking 5 tablets:

    1 at 9am in the morning
    1 at 1.30pm
    1 at 6:15 prior too workout
    1 at 6.30 prior too workout (for some reason i figured id go with two.
    1 at 8.45 post workout

    Now, i wasnt too hungry today as i always has them with food. Even having one without last night did not make me hungry. However, i had this strange dizzy (but not quite) feeling almost an hour after each tablet. Could this be low blood sugar? ( it would be great to know how to fix this.) This was two fold after my workout. I wasnt particularly hungy, but i started craving chocolate biscuits. I settled for ( and ended up inhaling) a few kingstons, 4 pieced of bread, 2 steaks, an egg and nearly a litre of milk instead.

    I was also very thirsty and still am! Ive drunk buckets of water all day. By about 3pm it felt as if i was drinking the water and it was all going into my muscles and no where else. My thirst was unquenchable.

    Today my diet was:

    Breakfast (930am)
    4 wheat biscuits with milk
    4 eggs
    1 ON aminio energy shake
    1 anabeta tablet

    Meal 2: (130pm)
    180G braised chicken,
    2 pieces of brown bread
    1 anabeta tablet

    meal 3 (6:30) (Yeh, i know long break)
    100gram steak
    6 chicken nuggets
    2 pieces of brown bread
    i serving of steamed vegies
    2 anabeta tablets
    Serving of Musclepharm assault

    Meal 4 post workout (9pm)
    1 anabeta and weight gainer shake (see first post)

    Meal 5 (945pm)
    2 steaks
    1 egg
    4 kingston biscuts
    1 liter of milk
    4 pieces of white bread.

    Meal 6 (1130pm)
    250grams of cottage cheese


    Today i went back to a 4 day split instead of full body work out which i have been doing for 12 weeks. Today i did Chest Biceps

    80kgx10 90kgx9 90kgx8 90kgx7>80kgx5>60kgx5>50kgx5 (i was up around the 110kgx5 mark the other day so this wasnt my best but all i could muster today)

    Preacher curls
    30kgx10 40kgx7(pb) 32.5x8 32, 5x8>30x8>20kgx5 21's with 20 kg.

    Incline db press
    28kg (each) x 10 4 sets

    Superseted with

    Incline db curls
    14kg each 10x 4 sets

    Machine incline chest press
    60kgx8 4 sets

    supersetted with

    Bicep concentration curls
    12kg x10 4 sets

    70kg x10 60x10 60x10 60x5>50X5

    Supersetted with
    Pushups to failure (drop to knees then two more)x4sets

    Suppersetted with
    close grip chins to failure x4 sets

    This was my first workout back like this so i dont quiite know how to assess it. Im pretty buggered though. Sorry my spelling is ****. I also took pictures today. Its late so i'll post tomorrow.

  8. The effects may be slight low blood sugar. The same thing can happen post-workout even without supplementation in many, or just from taking a lot of BCAAs. It is a good sign of an anabolic state.

    Now the trick is to food your body, and it sounds like you did with your 2 steaks!
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  9. great updates here

  10. Day 3:
    Day three was an offday where i did two hours of basketball. I ate fairly closly to the diet i posted in the first post exept i took carbs out of all the meals except pre and post basketball. I have decided i am going to do this for now on off days. I took anabeta for breakfast at 9am just before basketball at 3 pm, after basketball at 530pm and at 1130pm just before bed.

    I noticed extreme thirst all day but was not quite as dizzy. The hungar afterbasketball was amazing. When my meal finally arrived id finnished a whole lean burger, fries(bad i know) sallad and jug of water before my girlfriend had finnished half her burger. Then when i got home i polished off half the fridge (luckily id prepared healthy food for such occasions). Sorry i didnt post yesterday and in more detail i was just too busy.

  11. Day 4:

    Today, i had no dizzyness, but i really tried to eat more calories when i had Anabeta. The thirst is crazy...i normally sing (and record) regularly, but the constant dry mouth is making it quite hard. The cold weather doesnt help either mind you. I feel like my muscles are starting to harden and i feel a constant pump similar to when i was on natadrol. I also weighted myself this morning to find out id lost 1kg. I'll check again to morrow to see if this is consistant. However, i took pictures again tonight and could physically see a difference in my appearance. I looked a little leaner...could it really be working this fast? (ive been busy, i swear i'll post the pictures soon)


    Breakfast 10:30 (its saturday)
    1 weight gainer shake
    1 anabeta

    Meal 2 12pm
    1x Saussage
    1x breadroll

    Meal 3 300pm
    1 cup of basmati rice,
    30grams of chicken
    150 grams of steak
    1 serving of ON amino energy

    Meal 4 (preworkout) 530pm
    1 anabeta
    2 servings of assault (with one added scoop of extend and acetyl carnatine)
    2 musli bars

    Meal 4 (post workout) 730pm
    1 weight gainer shake
    1 ana beta

    meal 5 (900pm)
    2 pan fried chicken schnitzels
    3 potatos
    steamed vegies

    Meal6: 250grams cottage cheese(midnight)
    WPC protien shake with milk

    Back triceps shoulders

    Wide grip pullups
    10x 4 sets

    underhand bent barbell rows:
    60kg x12 70 kgx10 70kgx10 70kgx7>60kgx5>50kgx5

    Machine lat pulldowns
    110khx10 120kgx10(pb) 120kgx9>110x5>80x6

    underhand cable rows
    60x10 x10 x10 x8

    superseted with

    closegrip cable pulldowns
    60kg x12 x12 x12 x12

    Machine shoulderpress
    60kg x 10 70kgx6 60kgx8 60kgx8>40kg x8

    supersetted with

    20 x4 sets

    side lateral raises > front lateral raises superset (similar to teacups)
    10kgx10>x5 8kgx12>x6 8kgx12>x6

    supersetted with

    machine tricept extensions
    50kgx15 50kgx12 50kgx10 60kgx9

    I throughout the workout i had a dull ache between my left bicep/tricep near my elbow. I had this at bball yesterday aswell. I ignored it up to this point but could not do any more exersises so i decided to call it a night.

    Loving anabeta so far. This just took me like 30 mins to write...i think im done lol.

  12. Thanks for the updates! Glad youre liking it
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  13. Day 5 off day

    Today was supposed to be legs but i fell over pretty hard at home onto tiles and hurt my knee so i decided not too. I had a good diet today with lower cabs similar to my last off day. My weight thismorning was back up so that kilo i talked about yesterday was just a fluxuation. still really really thirsty and really reallly really tired- which i have not mentioned yet but have really been feeling (10 hours sleep the last too nights and tired again by 6pm ish). I was hoping this was because im growing so for kicks i just took arm measurements. post cut my arms were 15 inches. I started to bulk 2 weeks prior to receiving anabeta but didnt really see any significant changes. Now..... i said i could see visible changes last night when i took photos ......well......i was right......and this is pretty impressive...even my girlfriend said she was a little concerned tonight at my size gain recently, and she normally doesn't notice.

    the measurements confirm my arms have grown a total of.........drum roll please........haha

    no seriously.....

    3/4 of an inch!!!! WHAT THE ****! how is that even possible?

    on a different note. I also completed my first song today in a few years....i might post it up later if anyone likes hiphop.

  14. Post it up!

    Congrats on the gains thus far...keep pushing forward. Go all out!
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  15. In for song and Anabeta results

  16. Day 6 Offday

    I ate like a pig today. I woke up hungry and stayed hungry the whole day.

    3 pancakes
    4 wheat biscuits with milk
    3 raw eggs in milk with 1 scoop of whey
    1 anabeta

    I then had to wait ages unitil lunch as i was doing a photography session: lets just say i ate like it was my last meal.

    350grams of chicken
    80 grams of steamed vegies
    500 grams of cottage cheese
    100 grams of penuts

    Meal 3
    1.5 cups of basmati rice
    100 grams chicken
    150 grams steak
    1 anabeta

    Meal 4 (grandmas cooking)
    Entree: a few potato crisps

    100-120 grams of roast beef
    4 small potatos
    1/3 of a brokoli
    1/4 carrot
    2 pieces of gluten free bread
    1 anabeta

    Meal 5
    Whey shake and anabeta

    I was very thirsty all day, and still really really really tired!

    And, here is the song as promised. Hopefully it works and i hope you like the aussie accent.

  17. Fantastic progress so far. I was really happy with my run and my overall arm measurement increased a lot less than yours!

    Keep up the good work, I hope it continues for you.

    PEScience Representative

  18. Do I need an account to listen to your song?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Cool View Post
    Do I need an account to listen to your song?
    I hope not, i dont have an account, this was the first time ive used that site...I just made the song public, maybee that will help.

  20. Dude nice job on the song. U did the track? Cool laid back sound, good punch outs. U got kindof a Lupe/tiny tempah flow. I'm working on a project in New Orleans right now. Keep up the good work man God bless!

  21. Thanks man, i really appreciate your feedback. Yeh, that was me on the track, both the hook and verse. My friend did the beat but i I recorded and mixed everything. I'm faily pleased with it. Im thinking i might still add some soft vocals to the intro or somthing and maybee a few adlibs. Do you think the vocals could use more reverb? I tried to be pretty subtle with it.

  22. It's up to you really. Maybe more in parts, less in others. The industry seems to be moving more towards scaled down vocals as a whole, with more productions tricks in pieces. Great thing about making your own stuff is being able to do what u like.

  23. Day 7,

    Offday/bball game day

    I ate well, was really thirsty again and really tired. I played a good basketball game too, i think i got a quater of the points (10-15, i lost count) Unfortunatly we lost in the last 3 mins when their guard hit 5 unanswered threes to put us down by 10 points.

  24. Day 8: Chest Triceps

    Effects. i drank loads of water today an no caffine. I really noticed i was not as thirsty. I still was but my mouth wasnt bone dry and some of my vocal range came back. Hungry as a horse all day. I also woke up 2 kg lighter thismorning. I tend to deflate after game day though so i think this will be due to dehydration. I had a good workout today and had veins pumping out of my chest....never had this before and i also hit a pb on bench press.

    Meal 1: 3 eggs
    1 weight gainer shake
    1 anabeta

    meal 2
    1 footlong subway with wholemeal bread steak cheese bacon letus and tomato
    1 anabeta

    Meal 3:
    1 serving of pasta
    1 serving bcaas
    2 servings of assault
    1 anabeta

    Meal 4
    Post workout wpi in milk
    1 anabeta

    Meal 5 20mins later
    3/4 of a family size shepards pie consisting of mash potato, onion, and lean mince
    1 serving of vegetables

    meal 6
    500 grams of cottage cheese

    I didnt eat as much as i wanted to today , back on track tomorrow.

    Benchpress (hammer streangth) 5 sets
    80 kg x10

    Incline db press
    28kg (each)x5
    24kgx10 (3sets)

    Cable crossovers
    12.5kg (each side)x10
    12 kgx8 >10kgx8>7.5kgx8

    Full body dips
    x10 x12 x12 x10

    Machine skull crushers
    50kg x10 x9 x8 x8

    Bench dips
    x20 3 sets


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