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  1. Gonzo is COMBUSTING (sponsored)


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    First I'd like to thank BPS for the chance to log their combustion fat burner supplement. I have not used any of BPS's supplements before so I'm very excited to give them a try. I have extensive use of fat burners under my belt including Vapor XT, Redline, homemade ECA, Recreate and more.

    Age: 20
    Sex: male
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: ~200(will get an exact number day 1)
    Weight Lifting Experience: about 4 years


    My goals right now is to lean up. I need to get faster/quicker in the next few months. Dropping some extra dead weight will help me accomplish my goals. I will have a mile time, and a 60 yard dash time that I will take at the start, and will keep testing my numbers to see progress.

    I will incorporate distance running, sprints, agility drills, cycling, and possible swimming as means of cardio and conditioning. Weight training will be kept the same, concentrating on Max effort on compound lifts, and high volume during isolation moves. I try to separate my cardio from my weight training.


    I will be shooting for 2300 to 2500 cals per day, with majority being from lean meats. Carbs will be loaded early during breakfast, so I can have ample energy, but I'll try to stay in the 100g range, with carbs also being consumed post workout.


    I will be using protein post work out, multi, fish oils, and vit C, along with Combustion.

    I will be posting before and after pics, as soon as I find my camara. lol

    I think I covered all my bases, so lets get this show on the road!



  4. IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BulkPerf View Post
    IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad to have you along! very excited to get this rollingg

  6. one cap in and already love the energy! One cap upon waking and morning groggy-ness was gone, no need for coffee which was good cause its going to be a hot one today by me

  7. I like your training set-up. I do something similar, with 5/3/1 on main lifts and high volume on accessory. Good stuff!
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  8. Day 1 6.28.11



    8 mile bike ride at 13-16mph to the gym as warm up
    pushup/pullup super set to warm up

    Incline Bench [185x5] [205x4]x2
    Bench [205x5]x3
    Incline DB flys [45x10]x3
    cable cross [30x12]x3

    *EZ bar curls [35x10]x3
    *EZ bar reverse grip curls [30x10]x3
    DB curls [20x8]x3
    * denotes supersets
    8 miles bike ride at 13-16mph as cool down

    1/4 mile warm up jog
    7- 30m sprints
    Curcuit training (a-d completed 4 times)
    a. 25 pushups
    b. 25 body weight squats
    c. 25 crunches
    d. 1/4 miles run

    NOTES: ok, so my pressing strength is slow to come back to me for some reason. After a few weeks off earlier in the year due to being deep in season. Intensity was a lot better today, and I will contribute that to the higher energy levels I experienced all day for the most part. I dont usually go crazy doing Biceps, I'm not much for them but I did get a good pump today. Good cardio session, forgot my stop watch so i could take times of anything.

    Carbs: 153
    Pro: 103

    NOTES: well, I didn't eat much of anything today, wasn't feeling hungry, which is a little weird cause i'm usualy looking around for snacks between meals. With supps that cut down hunger I usually do this, forget to eat, I guess its not a bad thing sometimes

    General Notes:
    Overall a day day 1. I definetly can feel the stim, as I thought I had above average energy levels through out the day. I'm not sure if it was just muggy out, or hot but I did feel like I was sweating a good amount, did consume my entire gallon of water which is usually a struggle for me sometimes. Good workout, good cardio, over all a good day, but thats not good enough for me, need to pick up intensity tomorrow!

    Libido Check:

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    If that doesn't get you going, you're PCT didn't work. lol

  9. lol my pct worked i guess

  10. I love logs with libido checks.

    1250 cals? Geez I'd be gnawing on the drywall if that was all I had to eat!
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    I love logs with libido checks.

    1250 cals? Geez I'd be gnawing on the drywall if that was all I had to eat!
    Normally I'm the same way, it looks like combustion cut back on my hunger some, plus being busy most of the day I dont really think about it

    In other news, have to hit the gym late tonight, so next update will either be late late tonight or early tomorrow
  12. Day 2 6.29.11



    Weight Training
    DB lunges [50s x 10]x3
    leg press [250x20] [300x30]x2
    leg curls [50x15] [70x15]x2
    leg ext [90x15]x3
    standing calf [150x20]x3

    22 mile bike ride at a average speed of 14.3mph

    Throw/BP for about 45 mins total

    NOTES: Ok, so my knees were pretty sore today, thats why I cut out squats from my leg work out and went higher reps. the 22 mile ride was good cardio in the morning, pretty darn hilly.

    Cals: 2641
    Carbs: 275
    Pro: 189

    NOTES: Most of the carbs came with the bagel on the go in the morning and an energy bar i had mid ride. After that, other carbs came from the whole wheat tortilla wraps I used to make chicken wraps.

    General Notes:
    Day 2 down, and started to get warmed up. BTW i've been dosing 1 cap in the am, 2 caps in the PM, I might experiment with 2/2 tomorrow. Tomorrow is actually a day off from the gym, but tonights game time so that'll make up for my lack of gym time.

    Libido Check:

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  13. Go with 2/2 if you can handle it, btw libido is great.

  14. A good bike ride sounds fun. Been a long time since I've done that.
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    A good bike ride sounds fun. Been a long time since I've done that.
    Cycling is one of those treasures we lose with age. I picked up a cheap trek road bike and started riding and I can't get enough, to see things around you're area you've never noticed before. Also its a great means of local transportation, save gas, great workout. Plus its easy on my old man knees

  16. crazy busy lately, updating now stay tuned

  17. Combustion has nice fat burning profile no doubt, the only thing I recommend is that you get yourself some Sensoril and Erase to get those thyroids into full throttle. Other than enjoy your ride with it, the profile looks mean and I have talked to one of the reps for this company, and they have a nice of line of supps for the future. I am picky on what I buy and I can tell you that they will be making money off of me LMAO
  18. Day 3 6.30.11



    45mins of BP

    NOTES: Today I took off from the gym because of a 6pm game. Took 45mins of batting practice which was a workout in itself. We took home a W with a 9-3 win, 1 for 3(single, sac fly, K)

    Cals: 1345
    Carbs: 32
    Pro: 157

    NOTES: another low carb day mainly cause of long work shirt in the morning, then right to BP, then right to game, got back around 9pm and didnt want to eat anything that close to bed

    General Notes:
    Day 3 down, no gym time, but got a good sweat. BP was a good workout, and the game was also. With the lack of cal intake, it worked out for no gym training.

    Libido Check:

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  19. Day 4 7.1.11



    Weight Training
    Pullups [BW x 8]x3
    Chinups [BW x 6]x3
    Barbell Bent over row [185x8]x3
    Wide grip low cable rows [100x10]x3
    lat pull down [100x12]x3

    Throw for 30mins

    NOTES: Pretty good workout today, fast paced, good pump, good focus in the gym. I'm overall content with the workout. I want to take a more of an "attack" attitude in the gym, really pushing myself. Its a little hard to self motivate alone in a non-intense gym setting.

    Cals: 1509
    Carbs: 133
    Pro: 64

    NOTES: On the go, hard to eat much. Next weeks goals will cover getting a better eating schedule.

    General Notes:
    Day four down, and starting to really feel the full effects of Combustion. I'm now dosing at 4 caps a day and I love it. Good energy, feeling a thermo effect, sweating a little bit more than normal, decrease in hunger. Not really craving sweets. Hydration is good, now just need to get my eating schedule down. Also i've been slacking in the cardio department, another goal for next week. Next week def plan on bumping it up a notch, started at 200ibs, today weighed in 198.2, and that got me going, want to really work to drop some weight.

    Libido Check:

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  20. Glad to hear its kicking in for you bro, keep up the libido checks love em.

  21. Great post, and ALWAYS attack the weight! If you're not scaring the women, you're not really lifting
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    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Great post, and ALWAYS attack the weight! If you're not scaring the women, you're not really lifting
    great piece of advice right here! I plan on tearing apart the squat rack today.

    Sorry for the lack of updates, had a last min family trip for the weekend, my gym was closed anyway, but added a lot of running (to get time away from my family)

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    (to get time away from my family)
    lolololol know the feeling.

  24. Looks like you've got a solid workout plan down! I like your routine. You definitely need to get your eating habits down. Even though you are trying "lean out" and drop weight, such a low protein/calorie diet for a guy your size will more than likely just shrivel up what muscle you do have. Just my word of advice.

    I'm logging Combustion as well, I'm enjoying it immensely!

  25. I know I completely agree, i'm getting better setting alarms to tell me to eat, when things get busy and stressful, I miss meals unlike some people that over indulge!


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