South Paw turns up the heat with LG's Lipoburn

  1. South Paw turns up the heat with LG's Lipoburn

    Firstly, I'd like thank LG for their generosity in allowing me the opportunity to log their updated/reformulated version of LipoBurn. LipoBurn is my first ever transdermal product. The reformulated lipoburn replaces theophylline with theobromine and rasberry ketones, in addition to Glycyrrhetinic Acid and several absorption maximizing agents. This product will be used 2 times a day, at 4 pumps each, good for 30 days.

    Update - I have been using this product for the past 2 days. And here are my initial thoughts. Upon initial application, the scent is pleasant and not overbearing. It's a creamy texture and takes less than a minute for completely absorption, within 20 minutes, I begin to feel warm/thermogenic. I sweat doing even miniscule things around the house, at the gym this product leaves me absolutely soaked, especially prior to cardio, WOW is the only word that I can think off. I will update periodically throughout the week. Feel free to follow along or ask a questions. Thanks again to the guy/gals over at LG!

  2. Im logging it now too and I have the same exact experience, the sweat is intense. I sweat more with this than I did with shift

  3. Following this!

  4. Holmes and Seccsi, thanks for following along.

    Week 1 Update:

    The thermogenic effect is pronounced. All you have to do is move at slow pace, and the flood gates open, at least for me. I put it on prior to running and lifting. My gf even commented this morning, that I'm looking more carved out, especially around the chest area. I'll try and post up some before and after pics soon!

  5. Week 2 Update:

    I'm definitely leaning out around my chest area and upper abs area. Lower abs has always been a problem spot for me, but I'm hopeful that I can make a dent in the next two weeks. My diet hasn't been as clean as I'd like it to be, as GF time has altered my eating schedule and workout schedule. I almost miss being single, anywhoo I'm still sweating a ton on this stuff, which I love, because it takes me quite a long time to warm up anyway and this is helping do just that, only much sooner and the affects are much more pronounced. Being that this is my first topical, and I'm leaner around my chest area and upper abs, I'd say this is an impressive product so far. 2 weeks left on LipoBurn!

  6. Nice update! I'm not sure how much I can attribute soley to the Lipoburn as I'm running Combustion and kicking ass in the gym/kitchen, but my abs are DEFINITELY starting to show. Great stuff.

  7. Seccsi, I'm using Lipoburn in conjunction with Dexaprine and Alpha-T2, but I can tell that it's tightening the skin around my upper chest and upper abs. How is combustion treating you?

  8. I'm just loving Combustion. I'm about halfway through it, and I already know I'm ordering another bottle. Plus it's cheap!

    Spontaneous COMBUSTION and feeling the LIPOBURN

  9. Week 3

    Completed week 3 and I'd have to say what I notice the most is a tightening effect of the skin. I appear leaner in the upper chest area, but the stomach area is difficult to gauge. Any change so far in this area is negligible. I am also enjoying the thermo effect, putting this on prior to any type of cardio is great, as it really seems to increase core temperature. This is especially go good for those involved in sports, looking to at cut some water weight. After week 4, I'll post up my final review.

  10. Overall Product Summary and Final Review: LG Lipoburn

    I'd like to thank everyone at LG for the opportunity in allowing me to try Lipoburn. This was my first ever transdermal fat loss product. I would have to compare this to similar type products in this category, to offer better context in this review. I will say firstly, that this product has one major benefit going for it and that is its thermogenic effect. If you apply this product prior to working out, you'll sweat a ton. There is a strong diuretic component to this product. If I was ever tempted to use this product again, I'd do so only as a preworkout type of product.

    As far as spot fat loss, then no I did not experience that. It does, however, seem to tighten the skin fairly well, especially around the chest/pecs area, which was a nice benefit. My diet was consistent, along with my workout routine, but I didn't experience anything that I would classify as "measurable" from Lipoburn, in terms of spot loss.Again this product does have merit as a thermo/duiretic type of product. But I just didn't see any measurable changes especially around tougher areas like the midsection. I like to be honest and fair in offering reviews of any product that I've tried, whether sponsored or unsponsored, highlighting both the good and the bad, so if anyone has questions please feel free to ask. Final product rating is a 6/10, for the thermogenic/diuretic effect of the product. Thank you again to LG for allowing me the opportunity to try this product.


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