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  1. Wink BPS Combustion - Sponsored log

    As always I would like to first thank BPS for allowing me the opportunity to try Combustion.

    Fat Burners :: Combustion 90 Caps - BulkPerformanceSolutions

    The first thing I liked from a visual is the small amount of ingredients (4 total) and the fact that each one has the amount listed. Not the typical 750mgs which includes the following but you never really know what each value is. Kudos for this. I also like that the Caffeine is kind of low as I am not a "Stim Head". I generally have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and an afternoon Green Tea to pick me up.

    Quick Bio:

    39 yrs old
    5'8", 190 lbs, about 15% BF....currently holding some water.....ok and a little fat too
    I am a former natural competitve bodybuilder, level 4 and 5 shows and hold a BS in Nutriton and Exercise Physiology from FSU (Go Noles)

    Fast forward, now married, kids, running my own business so my compeititve days are behind me but I still follow nutrition, Pro Bodybuilding etc

    Current Supps:
    BSN Syntha
    Gaspari IntraPro
    PES Shift and Erase
    and now Combustion.

    I do cardio 3-4 mornings a week on an empty stomach, treadmill 20-30 mins and switch between HIT some days and brisk walk on others
    I lift 3-4 days a week, generally one body part and occassionally do 2 workouts in a day.

    Have I bored you yet??

    Onto the review

    Woke up yesterday (5:30 am ) for my morning Cardio, popped (1) Combustion and (1) Shif, waited 20 mins and hit the Treadmill.

    I decided to do an HIT, 2 minutes walking, 1 minute running.

    I noticed at about the 12 minute mark things started heating up nicely, alot of the thermos I take generally hit me between 16-20 minute mark...I know it sounds quirky.

    FInished up, hit the shower then proceeded to my morning shake. I ust admit, felt no shakes and didn't feel the 11 am crash I sometimes do.

    At 12:30 take (1) more pill then had my lunch at 1:00. The afternoon was good, felt alert (no cracked out) and didnt crash at dinner time...

    Day 1....very good.

  2. Day 2

    Woke up at crack of dawn as I walways do, decided to skip cardio and do a chest workout.

    Popped 1 Combustion, 1 Shift and one scoop of protein powder as I can never workout on an empty stomach.

    Waited 20 minutes and jumped into my chest workout:

    4 sets flat bench
    "" incline bench
    "" decline bench
    3 sets of cable crossovers using bands

    Also did abs (hanging leg lifts, plank holds and plate twists

    This time around started feeling a little jittery and continued to feel slight jitters even after I took my Post Workout shake.

    Rest of the day felt a little hazy but I think it may have been because of a restless night sleep so instead of sleeping in I decided to lift...

    Stay tuned..

  3. Day 3 today.

    (1) COmbustion and (1) Shift.

    Waited 20 minutes and off to a 30 minute Cardio session, treadmill 4.0 speed.

    Again started sweating at about the 12-13 minute mark, didnt feel a crash later in the morning and took a 2nd dose around lunch. Didnt really feel much but I think a positive is the lack of apetite suppression....

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