Triazole/DAA cycle

  1. Triazole/DAA cycle

    just to let you all know this is the first thread i have posted. today is day 1 of my cycle with triazole and daa, with along side some other suplements. i am 16 years old, 210 pounds bla bla bla you can look at my profile for more information about me. in this cycle im looking to increase my strength and look more cut. please dont tell me im too young to be taking these supplements, ive done plenty of research and know exactly what im getting into. i know this is a weird stack, but ive had friends telling me to give it a go. hoppefully by the end of the cycle its gunna be a miracle stack and work wonders for me. after this cycle im running activate xtreme for the following month with everything below except for the triazole and daa. if you have tried a stack like this please share your expierences with me and any tips would be great =).

    Triazole- 3 caps per day. breakfast lunch and dinner.
    DAA- 3 grams (1 scoop) mid afternoon.
    mesomorph- 1 scoop before workout
    dynamic protien powder- 1 scoop after workout
    multivitamin- 1 per day
    fish oil- 3 caps per day
    potassium- 1 cap per day.
    whole lot of protein .

  2. @ 16 you probably don't need the test boosters but I would flat out stay away from the triazole at your age since you don't really want to be messing with your hormones that much. Having said that though, I would personally add Activate extreme to that or switch it with the triazole, it will help free up all the test you already have plus whatever get raised from these supps.

  3. thanks for your opinion murman, im thinking about adding the AX into it. and yes i know im young for this, ive got blood work done and been told i have naturally low test levels for my age. so im going to run this cycle through and see if i can get some good results out of it. and after this cycle ill probbobly just stick to protein,vitamins, etc.

  4. No problem man, what is your body composition like anyway? (% bf) If you need any advice on training or diet there is plenty of info on Am that should help you get more gains, feel free to PM me any questions or to give me an update on how its going.

  5. not sure, i have a physical for football coming up in a couple days so il see if they can find out all that good stuff. okay thanks bro, il be sure to if i have any questions. and il be posting progress pics daily for the rest of the cycle. im really trying to get more leaner, but keeping the weight at the same time. what would you reccomend for calorie intake per day?

  6. I would keep protein around 1.5-2g/ lb lean body mass you have (so total weight - lbs fat) and the carbs around the same area, with fats somewhere around 80-100 ish grams a day. Just be sure to keep the protein high, and watch the carbs; you need enough to fuel your muscle but you want to keep them at a manageable level to help lean yourself out. The dieting is something you and your body have to work out yourselves though haha try and tweak certain things and see what happens and youll find what works best for you.


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