E-Pharm Testforce 2 advice/recommendations

  1. E-Pharm Testforce 2 advice/recommendations

    Hey fellas, any ladies if your out there. Looking for some good advice from some of you more experience supplement guru's. A few months ago I had a bad reaction to a supplement and came across E-Pharm's TestForce2. See here: It wont let me post the url link to my other post since im a noob...You can find it by searching ,y user name TheHogMonster...sorry for the inconveniece

    Using testforce, i felt great for the 2 weeks i was on it. No complaints what so ever.

    So here is where I need the help now. I am use to just taking a preworkout (SP250) and a creatine (SizeOn), along with protein and multi-v and omega 3s. I usually cycle off the PW and creatine, 2 months on-1 month off. In that month off I feel kind of sluggish and feel like I am missing that extra boost. I was thinking of taking TestForce 2 for that one month and wanted to here some feedback. Last time I took it, it was under different circumstances. I think its a natural test booster correct?? If so is there any side effects or anything I should take with it for that one month?

    Any good advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Oh yeah, im 27 yrs old...6'02, 210....never taken any other supp's other then creatine's, preworkouts, and protein.

  2. If someone with more experience can post the link to my thread im reffering to above/ also my only other thread, i would appreciate the help.

  3. There is nothing you "should" take with it.

    As far as side effects, none from TestForce2, itself, that I've read about or experienced. Some respond ill effectively from certain DAA products. I love TF2

    Not sure if this is considered "good" advice, but its my thoughts.

    You could also try something like ALCAR and/or LCLT to help with the sluggishness.

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