Okay i have done alot of research on different prohormones for awhile now and i want to start a cycle of CEL H-drol and i have found this cycle any feedback would be wonderful!

Pre cycle: Cycle assist
Fish oil
Multi vitamin

CEL H-Drol 75/75/75/75
Cycle assist
multi v
fish oil

PCT: cycle assit
inhibit e
Fish oil
multi v

Do i need to take a natural test booster during my post cycle if i am already taking inhibit e?? And also could i substitute inhibit e and the test booster just by taking a nolvadex or something along the lines of that?

EDIT- Since H-drol comes in bottles of 60 (25mg) pills is is necessary to take 75/75/75/75 or would 50/50/50/50 be fine?
Thanks for the help!